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Masturbation Mania (11) - orgasmic explosion from the Silky G

I do keep my promises.

Here at last is Part 2 (read Part 1 here) of my review of the Silky G vibrator from Evolved Novelties, my August adventure in sex toy exploration courtesy of the kind folks over at Eden Fantasys. This really has been an adventure. I've gone from a monogamous devotion to clitoral love from the first two fingers of my right hand to constructing orderly plans of which devices to use and in what order.

I'm hooked!

Given my persistent state of unemployment, it's a good thing I don't have to buy the things. Despite having firm preferences, I'm always hoping that the next shipment will bring a new thrill that will eclipse my passion for the latest favorite.

The Silky G definitely fell into that category.

Go back to Part 1 for the story of how I made my selection, an initial description, and the reason I didn't finish writing my review at the time. And now... now that the sun has finally come out again... here is a moan by moan description of what the sweet thing did to me.

The following is edited from e-mails I sent my Master during and after my two main toy trials, as well as during the session that cut short my previous attempt at writing this review.

From August 5th:

Good morning, Daddy.
I had one great orgasm last night.
I'll write back shortly with more details.

My only regret, Daddy, is that it got me so excited I couldn't take much time to explore the sensations. I'll need to try one more time before I write the review. Whenever it's all right with you, my Master, who owns my orgasms and everything else.


So the thing about this vibrator, Daddy, as I think I said yesterday, is that it strikes me as so cute that it makes me want to use it. The tip looks like the top curvy point on a soft-serve ice cream cone. And it's got these 2 curves on it that bulge while generally being slender that just make me want to stick it up inside me.

Technically, my Master, it's not all that fancy. Just 3 speeds, no complicated vibration patterns, and I'll bet a lot of women would think it's not strong enough. Or fat enough. But for your little girl... perfect. It slid into me as if it had been designed with my pussy in mind.

It's supposed to be a G-spot vibrator. So is the little lavender one I like so much. But this is longer, and has that cute little point on the end in which are concentrated the vibrations. So I pushed it inside me and didn't even fuck myself with it. Just kept it there. And then I started feeling these things, Daddy! Right up in my womb! And I was only on level 1 or 2 of the vibrations.


I couldn't think about anything but the physical sensations, my Master. Fantasies? Scenarios? Barely. I wanted to take more time with it, to explore it more, and I just couldn't. I fucked myself a little, and felt the little bulges push in and out of me, which I liked, but mostly it was just those vibrations deep inside and I just couldn't prolong it, Daddy! I did manage briefly to recall that sense of objectification, but then that was it. I pulled my new purple friend out and pressed the pointy tip against my clit. Didn't take long at all.

No little moans.
Loud shouts instead.
And then I came.

Still not like my orgasms used to be - and I'm still not sure how much of that is due to age and how much to all my meds - but it did feel big. Followed by a very strong crying fit that was completely tension release. No upset in it at all.

Really great.

I love my new toy, Daddy!

But I do need to try once more, if possible this weekend, so I can write it up before I go to camp. May I, Daddy?

[As you can tell from the following, permission was granted.]

August 7th:

Your naked slave, sitting up in bed, having slept off this morning's orgasm.

Thank you, Daddy my Master. I did need to give my new toy one more test. Plus I woke up early and hoped that cumming would help me go back to sleep for a bit.

This time I let myself enjoy the pure form of it, Daddy, before turning on the vibrations. It's got these couple little bumps in it, rather than being one, smooth form. Which is nice, as it really is very slender. And it's also good for me. Remember, how I've said that I actually need to fuck myself fairly regularly to keep my tissues young and pliable? But I haven't really had anything that I've wanted to shove up there. This is very comfortable, with that little extra bit of stimulation and stretch from the 2 bumps.

Oh, and it's got the pointy tip, Daddy. It reminds me of the end of those little chandelier light bulbs, that you can get with either a straight end or a curved end. This has the curved tip, Daddy, which makes it so very cute! Plus it helps it slip in. Nice...

So the upshot of all that, Daddy, is that it's good for maintaining your little slave's pussy.

The vibrations are nice, too. They go straight up into my womb. Very yummy. In the end, it wasn't as big an orgasm as last time, Daddy, but very good nevertheless, and it was all very pleasant. And I was very aware of how it was good for Daddy's pussy, and would make it all nice and fuckable when you finally bring your friends to shove their cocks up me.

[And then I was off to "Band Camp" followed by post-camp recovery and too much rain and who knows what and suddenly it was the end of August and I really needed to finish the review by the end of the month. So with Hurricane Irene on her way, and my Master out at a bar, I settled down on the couch with Ketzel and my purple-encased MacBook Pro, intending to write. But first there were my wake-up messages from bed.]

August 27th:

Good morning, Daddy. I woke up very early and had a bout of painfully aroused insomnia. Then fell back to sleep and dreamt that all these men wanted me, Daddy, and I was flirting with them. But I wanted only you.

My pussy is still twitching and whimpering, Daddy.


Another dream detail I just remembered, Daddy... one of the men... he kissed me and it was AWFUL, Daddy. He had thin, dry lips and didn't know how to do it right.

Not like you...


Twitching twitching twitching...

I'm writing up my vibrator report, Daddy, and describing how good it felt is getting your little slave very aroused... And oh, Daddy, it feels so good knowing I can't touch myself unless you give permission!

The chain of your ownership is cutting into your little slave's pussy, my Master.

I wrote that and the twitching kicked up a notch.
I feel you tormenting me, my Master.
And I embrace it.

Is it the storm, Daddy?
Or errant hormones?
Whatever it is, I'm falling deeper and deeper into that slave place...

[The sadist replies that I'm too sensitive not to respond to the storm. He says I may masturbate, but must report before, during, and after - which is what I normally do. I picture him reading my reports as he sits imbibing at the bar. I know what it will do to his cock...]

Oh, thank you, Daddy my Master!

I wish I were at the bar with you, my Master.
I wish I were standing naked beside you.
I wish you were offering me around to be touched and inspected.
I wish I were bent over a table to be beaten and raped.
I wish your chain were tight around my neck
so everyone could see
that I am your slave.

I am, my Master.
I'm your own little slave.
And now
I'll rape myself with silicone on your behalf.


In the bedroom, my Master.
On the bed.
Door closed.
Clothes off.

Except I left on those support knee hose and my socks with cats on them, Daddy. They somehow make me feel more naked. The contrast, I guess. And the socks... they make me feel younger.

I'll use that newest toy, my Master. To stick inside me. And maybe the lavender one, too.

[These descriptions of my masturbation alternated with episodes of what would be happening to me in the bar as the sadist offered me around to the other drinkers. This is a recurring, shared fantasy, but was written for my Master's pleasure and feels too personal to share. Anyway, I'm sure you can fill in details from what I wrote above.]

Oooh. Daddy...

It feels so good.
It slips right in.
No resistance except for that little extra pressure from the bumps.
And the curved tip is reaching towards my womb.

I haven't even turned it on yet, my Master.
And I'm afraid to think too much about what you will subject me to in the bar or I'll cum too fast.

I need to feel the torture of the pleasure.


I turned it on, my Master.
Just at the first level.
Not very strong but yes... it's torture.

Who would think that pleasure could be torture?

The vibrations from the curved tip are heading into my g-spot as they were designed to do. I'm suffering, my Master... it feels so good that it inspires a sense of short thin lashes flogging my pussy.


I've taken the vibrations to Level 2, my Master.
They are spreading from my pussy towards my tight little butt hole.


Turns out it accidentally went all the way to Level 3, Daddy. This pretty thing isn't very strong, my Master.  But it fits perfectly.

I ran the curbed point of the tip in a semicircle over my outer labia and above my clitoris. Just around it, trying not to touch directly. And I pressed it into the pubic bone above my clit. Delicious, Daddy..
I'm trying very hard to prolong this...

This is tricky, my Master, typing on the laptop while lying on my back, knees up, vibrating purple silicone shoved up my pussy.


I pulled it out, my Master, squeezed on more AstroGlide, then shoved it firmly back in and started fucking myself with it.

It's no longer silicone.

It's my rapist.

[Insert a handful of fantasy installments here.]

I switched to the little snub-nosed lavender Meany at the end, my Master.
I love how its soft round nose feels against my clit.
It snuffled and poked at me and felt so good, Daddy!
Plus it's yummy inside me -
fatter than the other one, I think, though very short.

Whatever it is inside me that's been forcing these dark fantasies on me took me back to a place where my ass and my pussy door were being whipped. And I came. A real orgasm, my Master, inside, the rising up and rolling over, which I pushed for a little more even. It still wasn't super strong, but it was a real physical orgasm, Daddy, and I was - I am - grateful for it.

I rested a bit then.
But didn't let myself sleep.

And all that activity made me need to pee.

The new vibrator was buzzing away inside me, Daddy, all those times I wrote you once I said I had turned it on.

Thank you, my Master.
Thank you for allowing me to masturbate.
Thank you for allowing me to cum.
And most of all, thank you for having me share it with you.

[End of e-mail reports.]

So yes.
I really liked it.
A lot!

A couple of points to remember.

Including one thing I don't mention enough. I have a very strong preference for silicone toys. I love how they feel - so velvety! - and I love how well they clean up (especially when they're waterproof), meaning I don't have to bother with a condom. A big advantage. But remember that you need to use water-based lubricant only, and keep the toys from touching each other. Who knows what they would get up to in your toy box? (No, seriously, silicone and silicone don't do well together.)

Otherwise, remember that the Silky G is fairly slender, so could be unsatisfying for those of you who like something big and fat shoved up your cunt. Plus the vibrations aren't super strong, and there aren't any fancy patterns. Which obviously didn't interfere with my pleasure one little bit. But it's something to keep in mind if you're laying out your own money for your pussy's next best friend.

For me, though...


PS - and no, I will not be posting anything about the 10th anniversary of September 11th. Observance is appropriate, and I don't begrudge people what they need. I certainly have not forgotten. But for me, once was enough.

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