Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How Can I Keep from Smiling?

I did it again.
And I was reminding myself not to!

Smile, that is.
I smiled when he arrived.

Not at first.
He came in the door and I stood there naked and adoring.
Not smiling.
Feeling his eyes inspect me.
Approve of me.
A brief smile graced his lips and was gone.
His smile was gone and I was lost.
Because my mouth couldn't keep from responding to his.

It was just a small smile!
And was gone as fast as his as I realized what my mouth had done.
How my mouth had betrayed me.

Of course, he saw the smile.
And saw the Oops! in my eyes.

He didn't beat me.
He said nothing.
Not until I mentioned it myself at the end of his visit.
He could have done something.
But that's not where he wanted to go this time.

On the other hand, he did spank me.
Three times, I think.
Plus some occasional swats here and there.
With a later one that was quite hard but didn't really hurt.
I could feel that the impacts were quite hard, but they didn't hurt.
They just took me deeper and deeper into that place...

And now, hours later, I'm still all floaty and soft.

And very happy.

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SBF said...

Happy and smiling, what more can you ask for :)