Saturday, October 1, 2011

Masturbation mania (12) - Testing the elegant Sinfonia

Another winner.
A really big winner.

I feel almost worshipful about my new vibrator, the very elegant Sinfonia from Close2You, an upscale (but not high-end) German manufacturer of sex toys. The look, the feel, the simplicity of form... and that doesn't even get into my physical and emotional response! I'm drawn to it with an adoring lust...

They have a theme, this company.
A musical conceit.
Their toys have names derived from classical music.
They're decorated with symbols from music.
The Sinfonia even looks somewhat like a bass clef.

I've been doing very well lately with the items my contact at Edenfantasys has been sending me to review. I've put a lot of thought into my choices, researching the options, and making my selections based on the steadily increasing knowledge of my body all this toy testing has given me. So it did sound as if I would enjoy the Sinfonia. However, I admit that the final choice was based on physical attraction.

I just loved the way the thing looked.

Truly elegant.

Oh, it had all the right specs: silicone (which I always specify now for its texture, safety, and ease of clean-up), waterproof, not uncomfortably fat, and theoretically relatively quiet.

But it's the look of the thing...

Now normally I don't choose black vibrators. I dunno... for some reason they don't appeal to me. Something scary about them. But this one... Elegant. I kept coming back to the word elegant. So I asked for the black rather than the rose. It reminded me of a tuxedo, such as a male classical musician might wear. (Not that a woman couldn't perform in tails. But it's not that common.) I was a little nervous about it. But when it arrived - in record turnaround time - I was glad I had been brave. because it was not scary at all.

Merely elegant.

The packaging didn't hurt. It's a very solid cardboard box with 2 drawers and a top that opens to reveal the Sinfonia nestled in its form-fitting bed. The second drawer has goodies. Useful goodies. Toy cleaner, a cock ring, lube... and best of all batteries (!!!) and a dark wine-colored velvet pouch! The batteries can't cost Close2You that much, but they are such a thoughtful addition that their presence made me immediately inclined to like the company. I love the box, but as my collection grows I find I'd rather have pouches in which to store my toys.

A note here on silicone toys. First, do remember that you should use ONLY water-based lube. Not silicone. And second, silicone can attract lint. Some more than others. So even though you have, of course, washed your mechanical friends before putting them away, it can often be a good idea to give them a quick rinse before playtime.

The Sinfonia is billed as a g-spot vibrator. As you can see, it curves up towards the tip. What I especially like is how it is very slender at that tip, growing steadily wider as you move to the base, which makes it easy to slip in but provides for very satisfying pressure near the pussy mouth. Yum. This is particularly good for someone tight like me.

I didn't even notice until I saw it pointed out in another review that there is a thin seam running up opposite sides of the shaft. I felt nothing, though, even without using a condom (an advantage of silicone toys). What I did feel was wonderful. So wonderful that my first trial was not a very observant one.

Here, then, are excerpts from the report I made to the sadist on that first occasion. As my regular readers know, I must always report to my Master any time I masturbate, as my pussy and my orgasms belong to him. Come back tomorrow for further experiences, which again demonstrate how well the Sinfonia is working as a member of my little chamber orchestra of instruments of pleasure.

In summary:

The Sinfonia?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My housemate came home mid-afternoon, Daddy, so I thought maybe I'd wait till bedtime to cum for you. But the weather... it really made me want to crawl into bed, Daddy, and I wanted to feel close to you again by touching myself for you... and cumming for you.

So I gathered my toys together and selected my favorites: the short stumpy lavender one with the squooshy tip and the two-tone hot pink one that cups in my hand for doing nice things to my clit. And then I took out that new one - the elegant black and grey one.

I started with fingers, to feel my pussy all sweet and soft the way you felt it when you touched me.

I had turned on the elegant black toy, the Sinfonia, when I installed the batteries, so knew it was loud and strong. It didn't feel like something I wanted to start with. So I decided to warm up slowly and, as I said, used my fingers first. And while I was relaxing and softening, Daddy, my mind suddenly somehow connected with being spanked. And my pussy woke up.

Next came my pink clit vibrator. I've learned to pour lube on it, even though it doesn't go inside me, which has me liking it more than I did when I first tested it. I kept it on the first level and, again, just relaxed into it. So nice... such pleasure... sweet pleasure, Daddy... not urgent...

The little lavender Meany took over, still only on the first level. I can't remember if I put it inside me at all, or just ran it gently over my clit and labia. And this too, Daddy, was such sweet pleasure...

Then suddenly my pussy was wide awake, Daddy, and wanting... so I lubed up the elegant black Sinfonia...

Knowing it was loud, and that my housemate was downstairs, I waited until it was inside me to turn it on. So nothing distracted me from the pure sensation of its insertion.

It's a neat shape, Daddy. Curved, pretty narrow and nearly pointed at the tip, widening substantially as it continues to the base. It slipped in easily, just 2 tries to get it all the way in, and the bulk at the base provided such delicious pressure against the perineum. And then oh my, when I turned it on...

It's very buzzy, Daddy, a little harsh, as well as noisy, though not as bad inside me. And like the first toy I was sent, it has lots of settings. 3 levels, I think, of a straight vibration, and then all these different patterns.

For some reason or another, my Master, it had this very powerful mental effect on me. It made me feel as if things were being done to me, as opposed to my being in bed enjoying the pleasure you had granted me. It wasn't even a question of my fantasizing that. The vibrations just put me there. Which of course works very well with my psychology.

I was watching the time, Daddy, wanting a chance to nap after my orgasm before I had to go babysit, so I didn't linger too long on any of the settings. I chugged along from one to the other - and never made it to the end before I could feel myself getting very close.

Then I switched back to the little lavender Meany, because I was afraid the Sinfonia would be too harsh. Perhaps I wouldn't have if I had been alone in the house. But I wanted something right against my clit, and knew I'd be muffling the sounds of my cumming.

It was delicious, Daddy.
In two stages.
I came
and then I kept the soft lavender tip on my clit
and I came some more.

I cried softy,
and rolled over on my side,
and wished I was snuggled against you.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

[come back tomorrow for more...]

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