Friday, November 18, 2011

"Come here, my pet."

It hits me every time.
I see a reference to pets and I startle.
Just a little.
A moment of translation
from what the sign means
to what I am.

Today it was from the cat food.
The words stamped on the can of kitty tuna:
As if pets were some lesser creatures.

I am his pet.
I am his treasure.
And yet I am forbidden.

Probably a good idea.
But still...

What if we had driven together out to the casino?
What if I had begged for a pee stop?
Would he have obeyed the sign
and taken me from the car on the end of the chain?
Would he have made me pee in the designated area?
Would I have tottered through it on my black spike heels?
Would I have been naked except for the shoes?
It was a warm day after all...

You see what happens?
My imagination escapes me.

Leashes can be useful at times...


littleOne said...

loving this particular meandering.

oatmeal girl said...

Exactly the right word for it.
My mind takes a seemingly unmarked path.

This piece was directly triggered by the can of cat food, but also references signs I saw at the rest stop on the way home from the casino trip.