Sunday, November 20, 2011

Separation anxiety

I haven't even left yet, and I'm already sad.
I guess because it's a double loss.
There will be the distance.
And I'm leaving on Tuesday.

My usual day of service.

Tuesday is blowjob day.

Oh, he probably gets sucked off on other days as well. Not to mention the days he gets to whack away at someone's butt. But on Tuesdays...

His cock is happily ensconced in his pet's mouth.

Except this Tuesday.
Not this Tuesday.
This Tuesday his pet will be on the road.
Driving north.
Driving and sitting in traffic.
Along with far too many other people.
Heading home to a home that was never my home.
But that's a whole other story.

For now, all I feel is the distance.
Absence and distance.

Its nonsensical, of course. It's not as if we saw each other all the time. Why should it make a difference if we're 10 miles or 30 miles or 300 miles apart. E-mail is e-mail, right?

Not right.
I feel the distance.
I can physically feel the distance.
I can already feel the distance as it will grow on Tuesday.

And it hurts.
Even now, it hurts.

I'll miss you, Daddy!

I miss you already...


Anonymous said...

time apart implies a reunion...No?

oatmeal girl said...

Well yes, of course, Sir J. It's just a trip of a few days to be with family for U.S. Thanksgiving. he usually says its good for me. Palate cleansing. But I always feel his presence more than ever.

And the following Tuesday he will be back in his chair as usual. With me at his feet. His cock in my mouth.

I do adore his cock.

Anonymous said...

I wish me and Master had an official blowjob day every week. Sounds lovely. Sorry you're going to have to skip one :(

nancy said...

I feel the distance as well. No fun but there is that lovely reunion to enjoy~

Private Girl Australia said...

Cock is ticking as time goes by.

Sydney Escorts said...

My partner and I don't have blowjob day. We only have blowjob nights. :)