Tuesday, November 15, 2011

He whipped my butt with his belt

He did.
For the first time.
He whipped my pale soft bottom with his belt.

I was lying on my belly on the futon.
Soft and pale - and naked, of course.
I'm naked when I greet him at the door.

I lay on my belly while he took off his clothes. I felt him lay the belt across my naked back. I knew it was his belt. Even before he asked "What did I lay on you, my pet?" And I knew then that he was going to whip me with it.

I have a thing for belts.
For being beaten by a belt.
The philosopher would use his belt on me.
And it figured heavily in my fantasies.
But the sadist had never used it.
Until now.
An hour or so ago.

He didn't use it that hard.
He whipped me.
My buttocks.
The tops of my thighs.
It hurt.
But not that bad.
And it thrilled me.
It aroused me.
Just the words...

He whipped me with his belt.

I felt the stripes.
Even after he stopped.
It felt as if the whipping went on and on
even after he stopped.

My pussy is pulsing like mad now.
I 'm glad he said I could masturbate.
I'm going back down to the dungeon
to lie on the futon
to think about the belt
to relive the whipping
to hold a buzzing silicone-coated creature against my clit
before thrusting it up inside me
how he put the tip of the belt in my mouth
and then the side of the belt in my mouth
as if a leather bit for a horse
and he he didn't wrap it around my neck
except I felt it being wrapped around my neck
and the end threaded through the metal buckle
and the loop pulled snugly around my throat
as if it were a collar
and I wished it were a collar
and then he did order me down
with my head on the floor between his feet
and I could hear him gather up the belt
and fold it over
and silently I begged him
as I prepared for the pain
and knew how soft it would make me
soft for his pleasure
soft for his use
and there was no need for begging
as he whipped my soft, marked butt,
his angel's soft pale butt,
with his supple leather belt.


senorrose4 said...

SIMPLY WOW!! Well-written!!


mamacrow said...

ooooo *happy dancing* there's something so intimate, so special, so personal (somehow) about being whipped with the belt that they've just taken off of themselves, if you see what I mean. They've been wearing it all that time... maybe that makes it all the more an extension of themselves?