Tuesday, November 1, 2011

He took me away with him

I'm away tonight.
We are away tonight.
We are away together.
And we'll be together all night long.

The title says he took me away with him, although that's not quite accurate. He didn't physically take me away. What with differing schedules and points of origin, we couldn't travel together. A pity, that. Though I expect the intensity would have been nearly unbearable.

So we will have met.
A few hours from home.
At a hotel.
With a casino.

I've never been to a casino before.

I love it when he takes me out of my comfort zone.

I wrote this Monday night. A day ahead of when you're reading it. So I don't know what will have happened. I'm assuming - hoping - that all has gone smoothly. Our on-time departures. Not too much traffic. The reservation. My room preparations. His arrival. My greeting.

serving him a drink,
a black bra,
black panties,
(here it comes)
black spike heels.

Not one of the pairs I got cheap at the thrift store. Turns out they looked like the right size but were way too small. So I went shopping and got a proper pair at Payless Shoes for just $20 with heels around the same height but much skinnier. I think he'll like them better. And they fit better. Plus I did get gel inserts to ease the torture.

I think he'll be pleased at the sight of me.
Men do have their fantasies.

Then dinner.
And the casino.
And after...

Maybe, when I get home, I'll tell you about after.

Then again,
maybe not.

Why don't you write the story?


abby said...

Enjoy every minute..every second. Yes, I do want to hear about at least most of it! abby

GenuineRisk said...

Sore toes are worth it. Honest. Trust you had fun
And I'm with abby, can't wait to hear all about it!

oatmeal girl said...

My toes are fine. It's more the slight flare-up of plantar fasciitis - just as I feared. But it's not too bad so far, and it was definitely worth it. I can't believe how sexy those shoes made me feel!

Not to mention what they did to him...

Now I need to get a Little Black Dress.

Liras said...

Write the story? Then you will be locked together, in ecstatic union, dripping sweat, screaming pleasure, steaming pain, grinding, grinding away...

(Glad you had a great time!)