Sunday, May 8, 2011

Masturbation mania (5) - testing the Fun Factory Bootie

What can you say about a little curved piece of purple silicone?

I love it.
I love love love it.
I cannot imagine a better butt plug.
I cannot imagine a better butt plug than Fun Factory's Bootie.

Well yes, I know, I should modify that with my usual disclaimer that, whether holding forth on sex toys or relationships, I can only speak for myself. It may be that the shape or size of your ass hole and the canal beyond are such that the bulbous tip and curved body of the Bootie won't suit you. But for me - oh my goodness. Just what I needed.

Butt plugs get to me on a very deep level. There's something very primal about them. As soon as one goes in, it sends me to that place...

My prior experience was very limited. I have one sweet little purple butt plug that the philosopher got for me. The Tantus Little Flirt. It's actually a very nice starter plug, long and thin with a slim end for easy insertion. I had 2 main problems with it. The end was so slim that it tended to bend out of the way when I tried to force it into my tight little puckered orifice. And the bulge in the middle wasn't quite big enough to keep it from slipping out. This was a definite concern as I considered the sadist's plans for me.

From perhaps the day after he found me, my Master has spoken of a particular public outing he intends to take me on. Recently, he said he wanted me wearing a butt plug as well as my dress that buttons (or unbuttons) from top to bottom. No panties, of course. Meaning it would be wise to have a butt plug that wouldn't pop out as I walked across the stone floor.

So when my contact at EdenFantasys asked what I wanted to be sent to review this month, I was pretty strongly inclined towards a butt plug. The sadist firmly agreed. And everything I read about the Bootie made me think it could be the solution to my problem.

As usual with the items I've been receiving from EdenFantasys, my new toy attracted little interest from the cats. Not enough plastic. Ketzel did enjoy the cardboard shipping box from the US Postal Service, as well as the paper stuffing.

But I had to sweet talk Marko into posing long enough for me to take some shots of him with the Bootie in its little box, which has a form-fitting plastic container inside the cardboard display carton.

As you can see, the Bootie is both adorable and unusual, with its bulbous tip and curious curve. Not as easy to spot is the design of the base, which is both curved and tapered to fit comfortably between any set of butt cheeks, which is one of the features that makes it ideal for long wear. However, as I eyed this cutest addition to my growing toy collection, I started to be concerned about that bulbous head. Would I really be able to get it through my tiny hole? I remembered the problems the Irishman had jamming his cock up my ass, and started to get decidedly nervous.

The package arrived on Saturday, April 30. The next morning, as the sadist and I were exchanging e-mails, he suddenly asked after it.
me: I can try it today if you wish, my Lord. It's an unusual shape, and somewhat daunting, as the insertion end is rather large and rounded...

He: Yes, I would like you to try it. Send me a report, of course.

me: Of course, my Lord. [...] May I wait an hour or two, Sir? [...] Perhaps I could wear the smaller butt plug a bit before inserting the new one, my Lord? It is suddenly making me very nervous...

Of course, he denied my request. I was given an hour. I arranged for e-mail reminders.
me: The first butt plug reminder just arrived, my Lord.
I suppose I have to start preparing myself...

Picture it, my Lord.
The large, purple bulb
forcing its way into the little, brown puckered hole,
before continuing past the sphinctral guards...
The little moans of discomfort...
The pleasure at being invaded and possessed.

And all for you, my Lord.
All for you, my Owner and Master.
And then it was time.

I will share with you now my experience with the Bootie on that day, and tomorrow will tell you about how the sadist abused me with it 2 days later.

The following comes from my e-mails to the fiend, with a few comments from him:

me: First I said Ow.
Then I said Wow...

It hurt going in, my Lord.
It definitely hurt going in.
My tight little anus was very resistant.
And the end is very bulbous.
I was becoming worried it wouldn't make it
despite all the K-Y
and then suddenly -

And it was in.

At which point... it's perfect, my Lord. Just perfect. The way it curves keeps it perfectly embedded, and the base is beautifully designed to nestle between the cheeks. Definitely - and thoughtfully - designed for extended wear.

As for how it actually feels - I think it will take a while for me to find the right words for how a butt plug makes me feel, my Lord. Especially this one, which fits so perfectly. It's very intense... my ass is a highly erogenous zone, my Lord... the plug is stuffed into my little butt hole but I feel it in my womb... and... it makes me feel short of breath, my Lord.

Not quite right.

It takes my breath away.
A tightness in my chest...
as if my whole body were gasping...

I feel very aroused, my Lord.
And very submissive.

I eased myself into a lying down position on the couch, my Lord. And... The effect... Suddenly very powerful...

He: Leave it in until further notice

me: Yes, my Lord.

And thank you.

I feel even closer to you, my Lord... Chained and aroused and tortured and serving... All at the same time...

He: Detail the pain of insertion, as I may be placing it in you myself on occasion.

me: It just wouldn't go in, my Lord.
My anus was closed up tight.
And I'm used to sticking things up there,
as I take migraine meds in the form of suppositories.
I rarely need them now, which is good,
but I always found the act of insertion to be very pleasurable.

I'm having trouble describing what inserting the butt plug felt like... it was irritating, in a painful way... the discomfort was right at the point of desired entry, and I really was afraid it wouldn't go in. I think, my Lord, that the little hole had to be brought to realize it had to submit. The thing wasn't going away. And then suddenly - POP. It was just like that. It went in. And then it didn't hurt at all.

Talking about it is making me very aware of its presence, my Lord - arousing me again - making me feel a certain measure of discomfort... and pressure... especially as now I am sitting up on the couch, cross-legged, with the computer on my lap, so I'm increasing the pressure.

There's also the question of angle, my Lord. You'll see... there's this curve...

You will enjoy raping me with it, won't you, my Lord...

It keeps making me think of being tortured, my Lord.
Especially of being flogged.

He: With the butt plug in place, and locked in the chain I think you need a mark to complete your serving dress.

me: What do you want to do to me, my Lord?
Right now?
If I were naked before you right now?

Invaded and chained....

He: Violate and degrade you.
Which he did.
Two days later.

That first day, my first experience with the Bootie, the plug was in for around 4 hours or so before I received permission to remove it.
me: I felt a certain sadness as I went to remove it, my Lord.
And then cried OW! as I pulled it out.

It hurt coming out, my Lord.
Though not as much as when I tried to get it in.

And now I feel weepy...

He: You will have it available for me when I visit. You may not use it unless authorized by me.
And now it is time for me to put it in again. Because we will be watching The Borgias together. Miles apart, but together. I will be, as always, naked, with the chain clipped tight around my left ankle. But since the Sunday I've just described, I must also wear the butt plug.

I watch feeling very owned, very contained, and very constrained.
And he feels me kneeling beside him:
naked, chained, and invaded.


Note: being silicone, the Bootie may be used with water soluble lubricants only. Clean-up is very easy, as you can wash it with soap and water, and it may also be boiled. But... well, I have a housemate, and besides... do any of you readers boil your butt plugs? And if so, do you have a dedicated pot for that function? I can't see boiling the Bootie and then using the same little pot for making a hard-boiled egg.


Honey said...

I boil mine. I don't have a dedicated pot for that, but I do tend to use one that can go in the dishwasher (which most of ours don't) so that it can feel properly cleaned after. It's mostly a mental thing, the dishwasher.

For me the humorous part is the ones that we freeze (the sort that don't want to be boiled) and having a housemate. Fortunately, she's highly amused by it all, but we do have to double check when we have family or other company over!

oatmeal girl said...

From Kayla, my contact at EdenFantasys:

To answer your question, yes, we actually do boil our dildos/plugs. I hate, hate that smell that plugs get after anal use, and we've found that letting them soak in water after use as well as boiling gets rid of it, so we usually end up boiling them. The Bootie is also dishwasher-top-shelf safe if you'd rather go that way about it. :)

Anonymous said...

I like this little gizmo, too, OG, and ordered it as a result of your site. : ) No dedicated pan, here. To quote my beloved, "C'mon, guys. We're BOILING the water..." (I'm giggling as I write this, since I wanted to have a separate pan, just because of the "ick" factor. If he didn't have that darned EMT certification...) - jcn