Thursday, May 20, 2010


My ass is hot and striped, swollen and pulsing with pain and regret.

Don't get all excited.
There is nothing sexy about it.
I violated one of the few, standing rules.
I inadequately performed a task.
I lit the fuse of his anger,
an explosion looking for an excuse.
I opened the door to actions that were banned.
The punishment was delivered,
and I came face to face with the beast.
I never want to meet him again.

Now, a day later, I am shaken and in pain.
There are marks that show an animal was here.
I'm inclined to hide under the bed.
But we will make our way back.
Slowly, cautiously, rebuilding,
we will make our way back.


Anonymous said...


sweet kk said...

rebuilding... so hard to do... so much the stronger for it when it's done. best of luck

nancy said...

I'm sorry you had to face the beast.
It is only normal to want to hide; I'm glad you know that things will be rebuilt.

Paul said...

OG, sometimes we need to be reminded.
I understand your need to hide.
You will be stronger for this experience, and next time you won't forget.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. OUCH! But, you're brave and smart and committed, and the sadist is - who HE is - and it will, given a little time, sort itself out. (Just be careful, while hiding under the bed, not to bump that already sore backside on the springs.) With hugs and best wishes for a thoughtful but not too difficult climb back up the hill. - jcn

Ein Sof said...

I have been away for awhile and just read your last 10 postings all in one sitting. Im wondering if the Chastisement in your May 20th post is related to the feelings you described in your May 15 post about portion control? Do you think that your desires of May 15th might have, even subconsciously, provoked the chastisement of May 20th?