Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No exposure for my bruised, beaten buttocks

I admit to a small measure of disappointment.

I didn't get to try out any of those clever comebacks to explain the now yellowing bruises that still decorate my derrière. The only clothes I removed for this pre-colonoscopy office visit were my shoes and my belt prior to the weigh-in. The only aspects of my physical function that were checked were my blood pressure, temperature, lungs, and heart.

As for the doctor... you know, I think she would have handled whatever I chose to say without blinking and without judgment. Still, I'm happier not having to test her.

Of course, there are more chances in the weeks and months to come.

In the end, though (ouch!), it is only about belonging to my Master.
About serving him.
About pleasing him.
About obeying him.
About yielding to him.

And about the extraordinary sense of safety and security I get from complete submission.

My butt still hurts
a week after it was beaten.
And I rejoice in every pang.


Paul said...

OG, well that is another worry of your mind.
Now you can concentrate on perfecting your submission.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Quite a long way from last week, isn't it? Good for you. Submission takes an awful lot of flexibility, and courage. Not to mention wetness. Enjoy those pangs! - jcn

Orlando C. said...

Haven't posted in way too long, for which I apologize profusely.....

I am very sorry that you weren't forced into awkwardnesses with your doctor. But I'm glad you caved and got the exam.

Since we've been thinking along roughly similar lines, in some ways, I think I should say (I know you know...) that the doctors have heard far, far, weirder stuff than we can possibly throw at them. Most of them can deal. Some can't, but they aren't going to spread the news around. So....it's humiliating, which is not yours to avoid. But it's probably not really an issue...

mamacrow said...

(hello Orlando!)
I agree. Drs, midwives, etc - they've seen it all before, mostly. or soon will, having met me :D