Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Household Tips for Submissives

An occasional feature of submission & metaphor.

Dear Oatmeal Girl,

My Master makes me serve his cock while he sits in my dad's old Eames chair. Or maybe ersatz Eames chair. It doesn't really matter. The point is... how can I clean cum off black leather?

-- The World's Greatest Cocksucker

Dear TWG Cocksucker,

Hell if I know.
Maybe my readers can help.
Ideas, anyone?

-- o.g.


Anonymous said...

(Oh, dear. I'm so confused! I thought OG was the world's greatest cocksucker, in which case, there's an imposter on the page. But surely, she knows that? Heavens!)
Dear OG and TWGC - I'd try saddle soap on the Eames chair. Use real saddle soap, even if the Eames chair may be ersatz. Follow with leather cream. Yours very truly - jcn

Anonymous said...

Well I am not sure about cleaning it but how about preventing it. Simple solution. Swallow. Shouldn't be hard for the worlds greatest cocksucker

Paul said...

OG, jcn came up with my first answer, I was going to say solution,but you might have thought I was making a pun.

Swallowing is another obvious method.

A third possibility, depending on the quantity of ejaculate or if you prefer semen, would be a number of sheets of kitchen towels placed between the gentleman's legs.

Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

surely it just wipes off? thats the point of leather isn't it? We've just acquired a black leather sofa (tho NOT Eames obviously) so maybe we can experiment for you...

oatmeal girl said...

Dear jcn, Thanks for the suggestion. I should have thought of it myself. Though saddle soap brings to mind... riding crops. Always open to suggestion. o.g.

Anonymous - I swallow when he wants me to. I am not only very talented, but also very obedient.

Paul, your third suggestion is extremely practical. But since the gentleman in question cares not one whit about the condition of the chair as long as it is there and his and comfortable, I doubt he would be open to such protective measures. Other than that, it's an excellent idea.

mamacrow - oh! What a concept! Do please experiment, once you get the nestful to sleep, and then report back.