Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best S&M III

It's for real!!
I could lie and say that's the sadist and me on the cover
but they look nothing like us.
For one thing, you'll never see a flat belly on me.
My belly...
My belly is round.
A round, vulnerable, enticingly pale belly...
And if I were that skinny, my tits would disappear.
Her hair color is definitely not natural
and mine is much longer.
As you have seen.
Anyway, no true redhead would have skin that dark.
My belly is white.
Pale, round, and white.

Besides, we'd never have that light-hearted, teasing look.
We are much too intense.
Oy, are we intense.
(Why does Blogger's spell-check not recognize the validity of "Oy"?)

But it doesn't matter who or what is on the cover.
What matters is who and what are on the inside
I'm on the inside!!!
Can you tell that I am more than a little ridiculously excited?!

I am on the inside.
With people who have written and published a LOT!!!

Oh, I am much too excited and wriggly about this.

This cannot do. I must act sophisticated. Nonchalant - meaning not so hot and bothered. As if this is no big deal. As if my stories gets published every day between the same covers as the big guys.

I'm getting into bed with the big guys.

I wonder if they spank.

OK. That's enough. I'm embarrassing myself. But I'll probably do it again, since I can't brag about it to most of the people I know. So please forgive.

And when I say GO, buy the book.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm waiting for "Go!" How exciting this is. Can't wait to have it to read to my Master...he loves your style anyway. Happy Independence Day - in a different way - to you, OG. - jcn

Sharazade said...

Oh.... I thought that WAS "Go." I'm ready! I'm hoping it will come before my trip, because I'm only taking ebooks with me. Nudge the Powers that Be!


nancy said...

I'm waiting!
Congratulations again and keep us posted!

betty kiss said...

Ooh sooo looking forward to reading this! Congratulations!