Saturday, July 31, 2010

Torture by appliance

There is nothing sexy about this.
My refrigerator died.
The compressor.
Like its heart giving out.

And since I've had no housemate since the end of November, I am horribly horribly broke. Still, I went out and dropped a thousand dollars on a nice new refrigerator, though I passed up on getting a third bottom-freezer fridge (which I actually like so much better) because they keep on dying.

My life is littered with the corpses of appliances and relationships.

What I really need to be doing is packing for a week at music camp, and cleaning up the house for the friend who will keep the cats company while I'm gone, and finding some new carpeting for the unrented room that I am also going to paint a lovely pale yellow so it will rent more easily except dammit, it is really the sadist's room and the old knotty pine wood paneling seems much more suitable to our activities.

But he has yet to offer to pay the rent himself in order to maintain our privacy and the delight of having a room set aside as a place for us to be together.

So I am in a bad mood today. Well, more vulnerable than bad. Very vulnerable. Which I think is how he wants me today. It makes me more responsive to his current training plans. Still, I am feeling tender and weepy and tired from unrelated insomnia and worried about money and getting everything ready for my trip... so everyone should order multiple copies of the book with my story so I'll feel loved.

The end.

Time to curl up in bed with a cat or two.

[she yawns]

And then tomorrow I get to throw out spoiled food.

Please tell me that you love me!

PS - if you're ordering a physical copy of the book, you'll probably get it faster from Amazon than from the publisher.

PPS - this didn't start out as an ad for the book. I promise. I just needed to moan and pout a bit. But my mind holds its own reins...


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that you love me!

I do; in my own way.

nancy said...

Ah you are so very entitled to pout and whine with a dead fridge!
Throwing out the food isn't that bad.. we had no power for 4 days end of June and came home to the mess of all MESSES... you'll feel better when you've done that!

And .. music camp sounds like a great diversion! Getting ready for the friend taking care of the cats.. not so much fun!
Relax.. meditate.. stand near a fan!

Anonymous said...

Of course we love you. And sympathize on the corpses of appliances that litter the landscape of your life. These things are such blessings, until they acquire degenerative diseases. And we're happily awaiting the book. It will come. We confess only to a certain, poignant anxiety, as to whether or not you'll have time, with refrigerator installation and housekeeping chores, to get to the end of the current story...
But, we're here for the long haul, in any case, and are so happy to know you're off to camp next week. Music has the potential to soothe almost anything, doesn't it? - jcn

mamacrow said...

oh honey, how discouraging (((HUGSS)))

of course we love you xxx

and the book will sell like hot cakes... very very hot cakes :D

Liras said...

Sending oodles of love and many good wishes to you, for things will get better.

nilla said...

hey there a recent survivor of a dead fridge...i very much related to this post.

since i can get (free) battered but still working fridges from my work, i've been fortunate indeed...i did look at new fridges, but needed a washer and dryer more...(they died last August, within a week of each other)

we're making it work. but yes, dear one, i feel your pain.
not the good pain, either.

you are loved, you know.
soft smile,
warm hug
gentle kiss on your forehead

(enjoy music camp! how wonderful!)