Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The soldier left a very happy man.
With a very happy cock.

And me?
I was pretty happy, too.

The main problem was that I was afraid the condom would come off. He hadn't brought any, not wanting "to be presumptuous." (He's very sweet and polite, although a little dumb for being so smart - and he is very smart - and a Democrat.) Of course, I have a goodly supply and plenty of Astro-Glide. But the condoms... well, they're normal size. He isn't. Oh my, he isn't.

And I enjoyed his company.
So we'll see each other again.
Two smiling people.

Isn't that nice?


KellyRed said...

I'd slap you a high five, but that's a guy thing, so I'll just say I am glad you had fun. He sounds delightful.

a hidden slave said...

Always good to "entertain the troops" sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

( was dinner? And, what movie did he bring over?) How absolutely terrific, OG! Good on all of you. I'll bet the fiend is purring, too! Yay, you! - jcn
P.S. Verification: "kingedsm"!