Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Those words he'll never say

He makes me say them.
Those words he'll never say.

He asks me to say them.
He urges me to say them.
He allows me to say them.
He orders me to say them.

Sometimes he seems to melt.
Sometimes he seems to roar.

Sometimes I think he almost might say them,
those words he'll never say
even if those words were true.

For me they are true,
those words he'll never say.
He knows they are true.
He knew before I did.
And they please him,
those words.
It pleases him,
that sentiment.

And for me
that must be


Paul said...

OG, are we supposed to guess?
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

What did our mothers always say? Oh, I remember. You see how people truly feel in their actions, not their words. Love - jcn

His Girl said...

*sigh* oh, I admire your strength.

KellyRed said...

"Love, like a lamp, needs to be fed out of another's heart, or it's flame burns low"
~~~~Henry Ward Beecher

He must love you o.g., or your flame wouldn't burn so brightly.

marianne said...

Is it really enough though?