Thursday, March 24, 2011

Healing hearts

We've all come home.
My dad is home from the hospital.
Open heart surgery.
He is recovering.
I am home with the cats.
And my sweet sadist and I have come home to each other.

Our hearts were cut open, too.
He picked at his scabs while I cried aloud and fumed in silence.
Then we started to lick our wounds.
Sucking out the poison.
First our own.
Then each other's.
And slowly, tentatively, we began to heal.

All this through the easily misunderstood medium of e-mail.

The progress by today has been nothing short of miraculous.
And the little bird we hold in our hands is fluttering its wings and getting ready to fly.


Anonymous said...


Welcome back. - jcn

J said...

I'm really pleased that everyone is on the mend :)


Paul said...

OG, I'm happy for you both.
Love and warm hugs,

a hidden slave said...

That's very good news...on both counts.

swan said...

I am glad.
I have come to believe in healing.
All the best...


mamacrow said...

oh phew!!! *jumps up and down in relief*

been thinking of you all a lot xx

nancy said...

I'm so happy for you .. that your dad is home from the hospital and that you and the sadist have managed to overcome the wretched misunderstanding that happen from email.
It seems so simple.. read the words and understand.
And it is very very difficult.
I hope things keep on an even keel!