Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So far, so good

The surgery went well, and my dad's in the ICU with a great crew of people devoted to his care. I've managed to keep from killing any of my family members... so far.

Considering how controlling they all are, I find it amazing though perhaps understandable that I should crave a D/s relationship. Lots to explore on that issue. But not today.

The sadist had another one of his hissy fits a few days ago, because I forgot about keeping him supplied with inspirational material. And unfortunately, being distracted and all, it took a while before I realized what was wrong. Once I did, he snapped into giving a series of specific orders. Which was just what I needed.

I never know in such cases to what extent he is just being his usual self-centered self and to what extent he is knowingly giving me the structure he realizes I need in times of crisis. I suspect (as I am sure you do, too) that it is some of both, though he would deny up hill and down that any of it was for my sake.

I had to send him some small amusing bits on the drive up on Sunday (a last minute change of plans per family request), and Monday he required 2 pieces in specific time slots. Today, surgery day, all he wants are any schedule updates. Clearly, no matter what he may say, that was tailored to the demands of the day, while the other days he pulled me away from mulling too much on negative things while making me feel very safe, controlled, and contained.

There is free WiFi at the hospital, so it's actually easier to post when I'm here than back where my parents live. Meanwhile, thank you to everyone for your good wishes.

And a special thank you to one particular fan/friend for her very generous gift. The money I was going to use on a new vibrator but that got put into an iPod fund instead. I ran out and got the iPod a couple of days before I left town and did manage to get a bunch of CDs downloaded. It was a BIG help on the drive up, and is reminding me of all the great music I have that I never get to listen to!

I'm hoping to get home for a few days soon, maybe over the weekend, at which time I might put my new vibrator to the test. I'll definitely need it by then...


Anonymous said...

Oh, good, OG. So glad your dad is successfully out of surgery, and in good hands. And of course that you have curbed any homicidal tendencies. Fascinating to contemplate the control-freak family dynamic - that would apply here, as well, though in a bizarre way. And yes, of course the fiend is watching out for you. After all, he has an investment, don't you know? (Remove tongue from cheek...) Thanks for keeping us in the loop, even in extreme circumstances. Love and best wishes to you and yours - jcn

Paul said...

OG, good news about your dad.
I agree with you, very few of us have unmixed motives, and your sadist values you highly.
Love and warm hugs,

Liras said...

Am very glad to her that you Dad's surgery went well. I hope he recovers quickly and with no complications!