Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whose sex toy is it anyway?

I'll come clean.
Ketzel showed very little interest in this new toy.
Not enough plastic in the packaging.

Remember how I said I needed a new vibrator because my beautiful blue and yellow one had died of neglect? How I was lusting after one from Lelo and wished some nice company would send me one for free? How I despaired of such an outcome and would have to cough up the money myself? Well, not exactly myself, since a very sweet friend gave me a gift which was going to be transformed into something I could shove up my pussy.

But wait!
What is that mysterious light shining in the corner of the room?

Why, it is o.g.'s new fairy godmother, in the guise of a representative of EdenFantasys. They are an online seller of so-called "Adult Toys" whose website I happened to use when trying to decide which Lelo vibrator to spring for. They have a great comparison tool which saved me from making a chart with the features of each vibrator I was considering.

My contact made the usual offer of free toys in exchange for reviews and links. The sadist gave his blessing to the project, because he's a sweet guy (well, he can be), and besides, he figures he'll get some fun out of it. Next came a list of choices for my first review, of which I was to pick two options. Given the need I had expressed, these were all items I could, indeed, shove up my cunt. A pretty nice list of choices, too, though regrettably nothing by Lelo was included. I immediately eliminated anything that boasted of being big. This little pussy doesn't like real big. There was a rabbit, which interested me since I've never used one (or much of anything, really), but it seemed kind of weird so I struck that one as well. One was by the people who made my dead blue one, so I put that on my request list. Then there were a number of G-spot vibrators. When I got to the very last one, it was so damn weird looking that I knew I had to have it. The Siena Symphony. Look at it. Weird! But cool.

And that's what they sent me.
It arrived Monday, before I got home from my trip.
I finally opened it today.
I haven't tried it yet.
My poor pussy has been a little sore since yesterday.
It's twitching madly just thinking about Tuesday...

I do hope to try my new toy soon, and then post a review that should be entertaining at least. And I'm hoping that I will have been entertained as well. I like the thing already. Its look is creative and it feels like some very serious equipment. But it is a lovely lavender (my choice) which makes it feel very... personal.

Meanwhile, the sadist is looking forward to watching it be put to use.
I wonder if he'll let me cum for him.
As opposed to yesterday...

Watch this space.

PS - and the gift from my friend? I'm thinking of putting it towards an iPod. I know I should put it towards the electric bill, but even the unemployed need to spoil themselves sometimes.

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