Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hugging the pain to myself

And then he came
with a mighty cum
and said it was the best service
my mouth had ever given
which is saying quite a lot.

And then I lay my head on his lap
and he stroked my hair
and I swam in his ownership
and embraced the pain
that I was only then
truly starting to feel.

And I felt very close to him.

He is

And I am content.


Alfie said...

I love your poetry.

Anonymous said...

"...best service my mouth had ever given..." Well, that is indeed a glorious thing to hear. Did you feel that way, as well? And if so, to what do you attribute the excellence? (If one may ask, of course.) In any case, I am so very happy for you! - jcn

Liras said...

Being content is such a wonderful thing to be!

MrJ said...

Beautiful balance!