Sunday, May 1, 2011

The beast breaks loose

When hanging out with a predator, always keep one eye in the back of your head.

Things had been so beautifully intense the last few days.
Not that they aren't always intense.
In one way or another.
But these few days it was in the beautiful way.
Sensual, sexual, and very intimate.
Intense longing.
Intense arousal.

He called my surprising (to him) delight in certain music "endearing."


We e-mailed a bit this morning. It felt as if we were spending the Sunday morning together. He said how the sweet, sexy messages I had sent him last night pleased him. I wrote about the music I was listening to on his Rhapsody account, and the article I was reading in the Sunday New York Times. (Kenneth Branagh as director of a big budget summer movie. In 3-D yet!) He updated me about a possible night together in a few weeks.

And then he said: "I read your email about the butt plug but can't seem to find it again. Have you tried it yet? Are you planning to do anything with it today?"

The new butt plug.
My latest sample for review from EdenFantasys.
It arrived yesterday.

Which I reminded him.
And asked if he wanted me to try it today.
He did.
So I did.

affected me.
As I reported.
affected him.

Through the letters on the screen, I could hear his voice.
It changed.
It became hard.
A hand closing around my neck.

He had gone to his other place, it seemed.

"I have, my pet. And I may remain there until Tuesday."

I feel the hot breath of the beast on my neck...


Anonymous said...

"I feel the hot breath of the beast on my neck..."

The question, of course, is always does one simply melt with desire, thus staying in one clearly unsafe place, or does one flee? Somehow, even with your neck tickled and lightly scorched by beastbreath, and the eye in the back of your head wide open, I'm guessing you'll hold still, melting... - jcn

oatmeal girl said...

I don't know that "melting" would be quite the right word, jcn. The beast can be very rough, and when (not if) he hurts me, it won't be with any kind of gradual build-up as part of my training. It will be purely for his pleasure. Meaning hard and merciless.

Still, I will be grateful that he'll get the pleasure of it. He got no pleasure from my punishment beating. Well, not till days later...