Monday, May 30, 2011

Night and Day: a non-resident 24/7 slave

The sadist is my Master.
He owns me.
He owns me in a way
that cannot be contained
by a list
of rules.

He has saturated my cells.
I breathe him.
No matter what I am doing,
no matter where it seems I am,
I am serving him.
My thoughts never leave him.
Day and night.
Every minute of the day.
Every second of the week.
Every inch of the year.
This is my life.

Not just now. Not all of a sudden. There was no big change in behaviour or requirements after he surprised me by stating that I was his slave. It wasn't like he was handing me a diploma. It was a recognition. A welcoming. A statement of fact. Of what already has been but is now, perhaps, more... incorporated into my essence.

24 hours a day.
7 days a week.
This is who I am.
This is what I am.
As I wash my hair.
As I feed the cats.
As I take out the garbage.
As I listen to the news.

As I go to our little, local independent grocery store and eye the raspberries which I never buy because they're so expensive but which I will buy for the night we're spending together in less than 4 weeks.

As I look at those raspberries and feel - truly feel - his sweet, soft, gentle mouth that can also be so cruel eating those delicate berries off my soft, vulnerable body with a tender, affectionate sensuality that is almost harder to bear than pain.

and then,
and then,
and always,
at the most prosaic of times,
at the most erotic of times,
and at the most holy,
I am his slave.
He is my Master.
And I serve him with my devotion.

Can anything be more "24/7" than that?


Vesta said...

OG: This was a delight to read and I quite agree with you - to carry someone with you throughout your day and night as you do, filled with loving thoughts is as 24/7 as it gets.

I am happy that you are happy.

unowned said...

That is exactly as I think it should be: complete devotion from the beginning for a successful D/s relationship. That is where I feel the sub needs to focus on in the beginning. Carrying Him with her where ever she goes and what ever she is doing is a huge part of that devotion...Beautiful writing and expression.