Monday, May 9, 2011

Masturbation mania (6) - submitting to the Fun Factory Bootie

As you can see from the photograph, responses to part 1 of my adventures with the Bootie butt plug inspired me to boil my little purple pal. Afterwards, I figured that I shouldn't have worried about the pot remaining suitable for cooking, as it would have been sterilized by the boiling. I ended up tossing in the other plug as well - although neither was betraying any hint of unwelcome perfume.

I only wish I had cleaned the stove first. Oh well. At least my butt plugs are spotless, even if my kitchen isn't.

Towards the end of yesterday's post, I gave a first hint of how my use of and intense reaction to the Bootie affected the sadist. I'll rewind my story a bit and then go on from there, as his response led to what happened to me the following day - and is why, a week later, my body still displays spots of green.

We were e-mailing back and forth during the hours of anal invasion.

What do you want to do to me, my Lord?
Right now?
If I were naked before you right now?

Invaded and chained....

Violate and degrade you.

yes, my Lord.
i feel very small now, my Lord...
... and subdued.
a small, subdued, whimpering pet...

I am going to take a brief nap now, and dream of degrading you. Keep the plug in until I awake.

And later, after his nap, after he ordered me to remove the plug:

You will have it available for me when I visit. You may not use it unless authorized by me.

Yes, my Lord.

You are sounding very stern, my Lord.
You have gone to a certain place, also, I think...

I have, my pet. And I may remain there until Tuesday.

i see, my Lord.
from the thought of a butt plug, my Lord?
or rather, from the thought of my little butt hole being violated?

All of it, including your reactions, have fueled my fire.

The beast was awake and on the prowl.

And it came to pass just as he predicted. His hunger didn't abate, and I felt the beast breathing on my neck all through Monday. I was prepared to be hurt. And I knew he would want to use the butt plug. The difference, though, was that, rather than being punished, I would be serving his sadistic side, which I don't often get to do because of how he protects me from his worst. And I didn't suffer his worst. Not at all. He continued to protect me, and for that I am always grateful.

I won't go into all the details of what he did that day, as they don't really relate to this review. What is important to note is the major impact (ahem...) this particular item had on both of us.

I've said that we don't play, and that is true. Everything we do is very real, very much an integral part of our relationship, even as there are things done and endured for my Master's pleasure. However, some of our interactions are more light-hearted than others. I don't feel it is inappropriate to refer to my vibrators as sex toys. But I just can't see calling this butt plug a toy of any sort.

And yes, he did whack at my butt with the cane.
He flogged me and spanked me
and twisted my nipples.
Some of that hurt like hell.
Some of it came after he aroused me
and was part of his new project
to forge a link between pleasure and pain.
Then I felt the impact
but it didn't hurt
and I begged for more.
Except for when he spanked my inner thigh.
That hurt like hell,
arousal or no.
He'll remember that for sure...

But back to the butt plug.

He ordered me to bring it to him.
To lube it up and bring it to him.

I slathered it with lube, remembering how it had hurt going in when I inserted it, and afraid of how it would feel when he rammed it through my little hole. I probably put on too much, because it wasn't quite as securely inside me as it had been on Sunday.

He ordered me down on the floor before him, on my hands and knees. He didn't insert the plug. He shoved it in. I think it took him but one false try before he got it inside me. Easier for someone else to do it, as he wasn't holding back in response to the immediate feedback of discomfort.

My memory becomes a little fuzzy here, but perhaps it was right after this that he started fucking my ass with the little hunk of purple silicone. Or, to use my Master's preferred terminology, butt fucking me. And here we hit one of the few weaknesses in the Bootie. It's great as a butt plug, it's great for long-term wear. It's comfortable yet... inspiring, and it stays solidly in. But because of the curve, it's not that good for butt fucking. Still. Nothing's perfect. And the sadist did a pretty good job with it anyway.

I was still on my hands and knees before him, the plug being moved back and forth in my ass, when suddenly he shoved two fingers into my pussy. Now I was being fucked in two holes at once.


I was aroused as hell.
And I started feeling...

It surprised me.

I should be used to ambivalence by now.

I told him.
I told him how I felt.
Aroused and demeaned.
Humiliated by what felt like an old fantasy.
A fantasy we shared.

I'm starting to float away now as I recall it... what it felt like... and what it brought to mind... being forced down on one strange guy's cock while another one fucked me in the ass. Friends of his. While he watch and enjoyed seeing me used. Objectified...

Very powerful.

And then he had me where he wanted me.
Dripping wet.
Time for the next activity.
That's when he spanked me.
Harder and harder
and it didn't even hurt
but only made me want more.

There were other things that afternoon. But this is supposed to be a butt plug review. So I'll leave it there. Except to say that he allowed me to leave the butt plug in as long as I wanted and I only removed it because I really needed to poop.

I do love the Bootie.
I really do the Bootie.

And I think it will contribute to many more intense adventures for me and my beloved, sadistic Master.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is very hot indeed. And thoughtful. And - dare one say? - fun!Two things stand out to me, the first the evocation of that combination of degradation and arousal that just undoes one, and the second, that damned spanking - or implement-of-choicing - of the inner thigh. As you note, it hurts, no matter how aroused one is. So, why does even writing that make me swoon?
Thanks for this. - jcn

oatmeal girl said...

I am deeply disappointed that no one has commented on my photo...


Mistress Kay said...

Well, I love your photo. Butt plugs and eggs for breakfast!

Anonymous said...

"Sunnyside up?" (Giggling) - jcn