Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My sweet and gentle and loving Master

It always happens.
Because he cares about me.
Because he does his best to protect me.
To protect me from himself.

My Master is not harsh and cruel and unloving.
He is sweet and gentle and caring and protective.

Sometimes he messes up.
Guess what.
Even Doms are human.
Even Doms aren't perfect.

Doms, especially those who fancy themselves "Masters", like to think of themselves as perfect. Invincible. Gods. Hell, maybe they are. Some of them, anyway. Who I am to say? Except even gods make mistakes. Like those Greek and Roman gods who couldn't keep their immortal cocks in their pants. Poor Hera, always expected to stand beside Zeus as he confessed from the podium his straying ways. Must have gotten old after the first few times. Of course, they could have had an Olympic open marriage. Which I have no objections to. Except I remember hearing about some pretty big jealousy fits.

Speaking of straying, what was I talking about?

Oh yes.
Self-styled invincible Doms.

So yes.
Things got out of hand the night we spent away.
Not that seriously, really, but too much for me.
So he is taking steps.
Steps to protect me.
New steps to protect me.

He is my Master.
He looks after his property.
And he knows what must be done to look after me.


He brought me a present!

I knew it was coming. He said it had arrived. It was made of wood, and was specially ordered, and he said that he'd enjoy it, at least, though he wasn't sure I would.

But I love it!

It's a paddle.
A beautiful hand-made wooden paddle.
Made, like the flogger, to his specifications.
But not made by his masochist slave.
Ordered special.
After consultation with assorted experts.
Made of a carefully selected and very beautiful hardwood.

The idea is that he likes to see my butt all pink and red, and feel it all warm and hot. He likes me to be down on my hands and knees with my butt thrust up in the air as I suck his cock so he can enjoy the view of it all round and rosy. And he likes to redden my butt shortly after he arrives, except then I'm not all aroused yet so it really hurts when he takes the wooden spoon to it, or strikes it with the long, ragged strip of wood he uses as a cane.

So he knew he needed something to whack my butt with that would make it all nice and rosy pink without hurting too much.

Hence my new paddle.
A gift that he'd been planning for months.

My Master does love making plans.

My beautiful new paddle did a great job.
It made my butt very pink and rosy.
But it did also hurt.
A lot.

The thing is, this beautiful hardwood that was decided on is very very hard. Very hard. And the paddle is... substantial. So it will take some practice on his part to find the right level of force. But he'll get there.

We'll get there.

We'll be just fine.
Even the occasional emotional tornado will not blow down this house we've built.


SBF said...

Congratulations on your new gift, I am sure you will both enjoy it.

Sexperts said...

Are people giving you a hard time about your Master making mistakes? I've never met a Dom who was perfect. Those who think they exist are probably living in an online-fueled fantasy world and not the real one.

Oh, I used to live there. But my live-in husband/Dom slowly made me come back to reality.

Mistakes happen. Trust can be regained. Lessons are learned. Everyone wins.