Thursday, July 14, 2011

Senior sex? Who you calling a senior?

Every so often, I call attention to how old I am.

Sometimes because it puzzles me.
The number.
It puzzles me.
I can't relate to it.

And sometimes because it's good to let people know that "older" people can still have - and do have - sex. Hot sex. Satisfying sex. Kinky sex. Moon-about-it-for days-afterwards sex.

More than sex.

A life-changing,
admittedly risky,
and thoroughly preoccupying

It doesn't end with your first grey hair.

Of course, I don't have that many grey hairs. Which is part of my confusion. When I look in the mirror I see beauty. Not just because the sadist taught me to see it. It's because somehow my looks improved as I got older. Odd, no?

And then there's this mane of red hair.
A head of bouncing and thoroughly natural red waves and curls.

Unless I look at my hands, it's hard to connect with the number.
Ever not sure how old someone is?
Look at the hands.
We lose that lovely, plumpifying collagen as we age.
The skin thins.

But most people don't know to look at the hands.
So they think I'm still 40 or 45 or so.

Oh yeah.
You new readers.
Waiting for the number?


Red mane,
perky nipples,
slurpy pussy,
raging libido,
the works.

I'd probably still be masturbating daily if the sadist hadn't staked a claim to my orgasms, to be doled out one by one for his pleasure - and sometimes as a reward for good service.

I'm 62.
Those 40-year olds do keep flirting with me.
(Today's guy was very tempting...)
I haunt the dreams of the man who owns me.

I'm 62.
I ooze sex.

I'm 62.
I am pussy.
Every inch of me is pussy.
In and out, every inch of me is pussy.

Just ask my Master.

I am female.
I am alive.
I am sexual.

That about covers it.


swan said...

My "senior sex" story is different than yours. I've had to fight my way back to my sexuality. A total hysterectomy knocked me into a real slump, and I had to reacquaint myself with myself.

I'm rounder and softer than I was at 40, and there are likely a few more gray hairs. But my legs and arms are still strong. My eyes are clear and sharp -- well since the cataract surgeries... And He and I are still after each other like a pair of 16-year-olds, only more skilled and more knowledgeable than we ever could have been when we were those children...

Good for you! Keep celebrating the life that you are enjoying.

hugs, swan

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, swan. I can imagine that a hysterectomy would be a big hit. And yes, it's amazing what you learn along the way. Except I didn't really start learning about what sex could be till I was 50.

Speaking of your hysterectomy, I kept pumped full of estrogen because without it I can't think at all. It's still sort of touch and go...

I love your contributions, swan. Thanks for this.


Vesta said...

OG: Deity once said that he felt inclined to call all women 60 years and younger "girl". I remember thinking, why stop at 60? God willing, a few people will still think to call me "girl" when I am older than that. I never did get around to "correcting" him about that...

AnnelovesJ said...

I so agree. At my age, I have sorted out most of my "But who am I?" issues and angst and no longer question my importance. And sexually, well I never knew till Master that I could orgasm 37 times in a row. I never had them before and now I am multi multi mult. And.... I like to suck cock.. lol who knew? "D

Sweet girl (aka NewToThisLife07) said...

37 times????!

eh sorry....
o.g. -good for you! live the life you want to lead =)

SBF said...

44 and looking forward to years and years of more great sex. You are an inspiration.

Liras said...

It absolutely and totally covers it.

Anonymous said...

OG, you are always delightful, but as one who is your age, I am particularly struck by this post.

Yes. To all of it. Even the damned hands. Even, in my case, the squishy tummy from twin pregnancy, the cottage cheese thighs from yo-yo weight, and the silver threads among the chestnut.

There is absolutely NO question that TM and I are having far and away the best sex of our lives. This is not a small thing, because sex is important to both of us, and we've made it an area of focus since the beginning, 45 years ago. It was the magnet that drew us, and remains the glue that binds us. And it was always bdsm flavored, and we have had a hell of a lot of fun.

But now? I have the confidence to be as shameless as I want to be, and he to push my limits, and look for more. We laugh at ourselves, as we deal with the creaky knees, but I am so much hotter for him now than I was at 16 that there is simply no comparison.

I'm wet and swollen, my nipples scream and beg for attention, and I am confident that when I get home, I will encounter a very hard cock, and a whip.

As far as we can tell, we have a lot more sex than our 30-something kids do. Oh, well. They've got time to learn... As swan so rightly notes, "And He and I are still after each other like a pair of 16-year-olds, only more skilled and more knowledgeable than we ever could have been when we were those children..." Amen, swan!

And Vesta, Good on you! I'm still a girl, and I enjoy the hell out of it.

So thank you, OG. Someone has to speak for those of us who aren't ready for a nice game of canasta on Friday nights... - jcn

Meow said...

My first visit here, but not my last. Great post! I'm 61 and just hitting my stride. Hormones help and a good partner helps and knowing myself better helps. Life goes on and so do we.

mamacrow said...

ooo this, is heartening to read! the post AND the comments! I will be 35 on Monday, and Papacrow and I have more sex (5 times a week or more now) and hotter & kinkier sex every year it seems like - it's managed to get better since we first met 17 years ago, and it was pretty good then, so good to know the only way is up!

Joan Price said...

Your story is juicy! Let's revel in the surprising pleasures that can be ours lifelong. And yes, call us seniors -- because seniors are sexy!

I don't want to diminish the other side, though -- many seniors have experiences like Swan, having to fight their way back to their sexuality. Some haven't found their way yet. That's why I wrote Naked at Our Age -- to address the challenges of a vibrant senior sex life.

Thank you, Oatmeal Girl, for celebrating your sexuality and not being shy about revealing your age!

Joan Price

Author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex and Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty.

Join us -- we're talking about ageless sexuality at

oatmeal girl said...

Thanks, Joan, for coming by! And people, do go check out her blog.

One aspect of my story not mentioned here is that while I always had a very strong libido, I didn't really learn what sex with another person could be like until I was 50. What a waste! And very sad.

A related issue is that sex in my 2 marriages was never all that good. And faded until it nearly disappeared.

I'm only grateful that I've been able to continue to explore and discover and learn.

Thanks again, Joan.


Sky said...

I am working my way through your blog. I love it! And thank you for celebrating your age!

I turned 50 this week and had a hysterectomy 3 weeks ago. I am new to exploring my submissive nature. Reading your post gives me comfort in knowing there IS hot sex after 50!

Thank you!