Thursday, July 7, 2011

Masturbation mania (7) - Testing the Fun Factory LAYAspot

(I started writing this weeks ago, very late at night, before deciding it might be smart to go to bed. Since then... well, you know... trip prep, trip disappointment, trip recovery... So I'm back to finishing 2 weeks later but not inclined to throw away the beginning. So let's pretend... it's June 23rd...)

It's hard to review a sex toy when you're not allowed to masturbate.

Let me rephrase that. I certainly did subject Fun Factory's LAYAspot to my usual rigorous battery of tests. But weeks later, as I am writing this review, I am not allowed to masturbate.

These days, my Master often allows me to masturbate after he has visited. Occasionally he has me touch myself for him. Even more occasionally, he allows me to cum for him, one end of the chain clipped tight around my neck, the other end clutched firmly in his controlling hand so that my breath is restricted.

Given that he was here yesterday, I might have been able to renew my acquaintance with the LAYAspot before writing. But as he left, he specifically said that I may not masturbate. I'm not complaining. I know why. Saturday night we will be together in the hotel. Back in the room with white linens. He wants me to save everything for him.

It all belongs to him anyway.

Back to the subject at hand.
Or not at hand.
My pussy and her latest little friend from Edentoys.

Luckily, when I'm in the lab, I take copious notes.
And I send them in real time to the Professor.
I mean, my Master.
Which means that
no matter how long I postpone the final write-up,
I can still pass on my immediate responses.

So what is this LAYAspot and how did I feel about it?

I'm not a vaginal orgasm girl. I do love the feel of a cock inside me - as long as it's not too big. I'm still very tight at 62, and even with plenty of AstroGlide I'm not that hot for a big, fat cock. Not even in my mouth. I gag much too easily! But we're not talking mouth sex. We're talking pussy sex. With a cock. Or a pseudo cock.

I do like fucking.
The closeness.
The weight of a man.
The different flavours of the dance.
A well-choreographed partner routine
or a strong, determined male lead,
where he takes what he needs
and gives me what he wants me to have.
If anything.
Perhaps he just takes.
There are so many options.

I'm submissive.
Very submissive.
I like when he leads...
Though on top can be fun...

I'm losing focus.
The sadist is always on me about losing focus.

The point is, with me and cocks, it's not just the phallic sensation. It's the interaction. The relationship. Even if just a momentary relationship. So a cock - a phalloid pleasure object - a battery-powered super-dick - all on its own, that's not such a big deal. Especially since dicks don't normally do it. They usually don't make me cum. Not on their own.

I'm a clitoral cummer. I've been rubbing myself since I was maybe 2. So what I really wanted to try was one of those clit vibrators that are shaped to nestle in the palm of your hand and then nestled up against your sweet, needy pussy to add a little oomph to what you normally do.

As some of you may remember from back in December, what I've been lusting after is the lovely Siri from LELO. My friends at EdenFantasys weren't able to manage that at the moment, but they did send me something similar: the LAYAspot from Fun Factory. I've been very pleased so far with my Fun Factory sex toys, so had high hopes for this one. And though I had to make a change from my Variations on a Theme of Purple motif because I wasn't all that taken with the violet and vanilla model, I was able to get the one being eyed above by Ketzel. Magenta and pearly rose. How could I resist?

But the first time I tried it, I was disappointed. Part of that may have been the mood I was in. As I wrote the sadist:

I did masturbate last night. I wasn't trying to relieve any sort of urgent, persistent arousal. As I've said before, I do tend to feel some measure of release when you cum, as I've been riding your own waves as I give you pleasure. But last night it was more wanting to prolong a general sense of physical pleasure, from having been close to you... from my body having been close to yours... under yours... lying alongside of yours... and finally all that sweet time together after you came when you stroked my head...

But somehow it didn't quite come together. Or maybe, my Lord, I should have stayed with my fingers. I did follow your advice to try not to push it. I let myself enjoy the physical sensations as I fondled my clit and caressed the shaved area just above. I pushed in, which felt so good, and I thought of how you like me to push in there...

And then I tried that new little vibrator, which sort of shut things down. It has a harsh sort of buzzy sound, my Lord, and doesn't have that soft padded area that the little lavender Meany has, which makes it soft and comfy. Or maybe I really didn't want something artificial at the point. In any case, I didn't like it and dried up and was annoyed.

In the end, I abandoned the LAYAspot and did quite nicely with my fingers and my fantasies - which, as I keep learning, are sadly much more extreme than I can tolerate in real life.

About a week later, I tried again, and quickly discovered one of the reasons my previous test run hadn't been very successful. Silly me. I thought gee... I'm not putting it inside me... why do I need lube? I'll avoid the mess and use it as is.

As I said.
Silly me.

Cause this time, when I brought out the trusty AstroGlide, it felt much better! Plus I took my time in making its acquaintance. At first I rubbed it gently around my clitoris and labia, greased up but not turned on and then pressed the little + button to slowly explore the different levels and patterns of vibrations.

Tomorrow I'll share with you my on-the-LAYAspot reporting of my experience and responses. Here, though, is a summary of the results.
  1. although given only 2 bees for noise level, which is the same as the other toys I've tried, it seems much louder. Perhaps that's because it is for external use only, so my body isn't dampening the sound. Whatever the reason, it seemed rather loud, which was distracting.
  2. the toy is quite small, meant to snuggle under your sensitive bits. So the vibrations go through the entire thing and into my fingers. It's weird. It's annoying. The Meany is small, and does in fact vibrate up to the cap, but doesn't bother me as much.
  3. a problem I've found with other vibrators as well is that when I keep it going for a long time it makes my pussy kind of numb. At that point, I can't feel much if I switch to my fingers. Again, the Meany is the only one for which this isn't that big a problem - perhaps because of its sweet, soft, squooshy tip.
As you'll read tomorrow, I did get my orgasm from the LAYAspot. And it was a perfectly fine orgasm. But when I think of reaching for silicone assistance... Oh. Wait. Silicone...

The LAYAspot is not silicone. I've become a big fan of silicone playmates. But this little baby is something called Elastomed. It's ok. But not silicone...

Anyway, come back tomorrow and follow my clit as it dances with the LAYAspot.

NOTE: Tuesday July 5 - after our very pleasant and extended lunchtime rendez-vous and excellent service on behalf of this devoted slave to his cock, my Master said I might masturbate if I wished. And oh yes, I wished. I gave myself a long, leisurely masturbation session and - all on my own - I reached for my little lavender Meany. And used it only on my clitoris. Or... have you ever tried this? Pressing it on that area at the top of your pelvis? Just above the bone? Yummy... Anyway. It was delightful. For about an hour. And I didn't go too numb. And it gave me an orgasm all by itself. So for me, in or out, my Meany is still #1!

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Sweet girl (aka NewToThisLife07) said...

"And used it only on my clitoris. Or... have you ever tried this? Pressing it on that area at the top of your pelvis? Just above the bone? Yummy... Anyway. It was delightful. For about an hour. And I didn't go too numb. And it gave me an orgasm all by itself. "

Not sure exactly where you mean, but if you mean pubic bone (and clit itself too of course) that is ust about the _only_ way i come! And it makes me squirt!
(Hmmm maybe it's g-spot stimulation from the outside??)