Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vibrators - they're everywhere!

Just imagine.

Before long, vibrators could be on display with chewing gum and People Magazine and the other impulse purchases trying to tease the money out of your pocket as you wait in the check-out line.

It's true.
According to this article in the New York Times, vibrators have gone mainstream.

I remember the first one I bought. It was my contribution to the orgasmatron we were building in my office. The business represented manufacturer's of electronic components, but expanded to include what was called "systems furniture." This was back in the late 70s. I wasn't quite 30, and must have looked 19 or younger. Perhaps we were all stoned - or maybe merely bored - when we decided to convert the freestanding metal closet into a pleasure pod. I'm not sure why I was assigned to buy the active ingredient; certainly I had never done such a thing before.

The whole task was intensely embarrassing. I went down to the appropriate section of Boston (a highly inappropriate section of Boston, in fact). I can't imagine actually asking for the thing. I must have just wandered around, trying to look inconspicuous, trying not to blush, until I came across the necessary object.

We put a mirror on the ceiling. We papered the walls with a patterned wrapping paper in Victorian whore-house red. We posted centerfolds from Playgirl magazine and then attached the vibrator so that it projected from the back wall at an appropriate (again, in fact highly inappropriate) angle. Oh, and we put a big red light on top of the closet.

It's a good thing no potential customers ever came to the office to see the sample closet for computer components. Then again, things were rather wild back then. Maybe it would have helped the sale.

I was the only "girl" there who never fucked any of the male sales reps.

I never do fit in where I work.

The vibrator.
It was hard and plastic and noisy.
No lavender silicone back then.
No multiplicity of speeds and patterns.

If my friends at EdenFantasys have one, I can't find it. Which is probably just as well. Unless you're really into it for nostalgia's sake, it has nothing to recommend it.

Speaking of recommendations, I expect to be posting a new vibrator review this weekend, as the aforementioned folks at EdenFantasys sent me another present. It was this device that the sadist used - on the day of the severe punishment beating (from which bruises still remain) - to start educating me in the interaction of pleasure and pain.

Back to my first vibrator.

I kept it for decades, moving with it from one state to another and packing it away whenever I lived abroad. No, of course I didn't show it to ex-hubby #2 or any of my lovers! The idea of admitting to masturbating was too embarrassing to contemplate, let alone telling them that I stuck this unappealing moon rocket of plastic up my... did I even call it anything? I really don't think I said either pussy or cunt.

And in fact, I almost never used it. Because it was in fact unappealing. As I've said, I rarely come from penetration. It was more of a novelty. A guilty secret. Oh, it did stimulate me, and there were a very few times over the years that I pulled it out. But very rarely.

And now?
My goodness, I'm becoming the vibrator queen!
A new one every month!
Using it for the pleasure of my Master.

He likes to watch my face. He likes to hear my moans. He reminds me not to strain, not tor each for it, just to concentrate on my pussy and the sensations... and to remember, to always remember, that it is all in fact for his pleasure.

Damn, I'm getting turned on.
And there's no orgasm on the schedule.
Perhaps I can have one more trial this weekend.
Just to help me write the review, of course.
In the interest of science.

I think I need a cold shower.
Or a piece of vibrating silicone up my pussy.


Oh well.

Do go read the Times article. And until you do, here are two of my favorite paragraphs. Things are definitely a lot more open now!

Assessing the vibrator’s current ubiquity, Dr. [Laura] Berman said, “Women are getting less and less caught up on an unrealistic and puritanical vision of what a good girl is. When they can embrace their self-stimulation, they can take ownership of their sexuality.”

Men interviewed proclaimed themselves not only unthreatened by the addition of accessories to their partners’ sex lives, but downright enthusiastic. Jeremy, 31, a content strategist in the entertainment business who lives in New York and wanted his last name omitted for privacy, said, “From my perspective, a woman who has thoroughly explored her own body, both alone and with or without whichever toys she finds interesting, makes for a significantly better lover.”

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Alice said...

Thank you. Very entertaining and educational. I am ashamed and humiliated to admit that I have never used a vibrator - either the hi-tech or lo-tech kind. I know I must be missing something very significant in the "getting to know myself process" but I honestly have never felt the need. But my curiosity is growing. Perhaps I should wait until Asda have them on BOGOF. (Buy one get one free)