Saturday, April 30, 2011

Late night communion

Such a soft and sleepy pet.
He kept me up late last night.
Listening to music.

He e-mailed past midnight,
and didn't seem surprised to find me up.

I sent him a poem at around half past midnight.
He responded over an hour later.
And was not surprised to find me up.

He'd been thinking about me all evening.
I'd felt his presence all evening.
I'd felt his presence as I listened to a CD he'd given me.
Meaningful music he had given me.
Songs that made me cry for so many reasons...

I listened and cried and listened again and wrote a poem that he said (at 1:41 in the morning) was the most honest thing I'd ever written. And we e-mailed until past 2, and listened to one song almost simultaneously, and he reassured me that now everything was ok and it was a good thing I hadn't listened before, when we were having one or another of our storms...

Still, I awoke with swollen eyes.
Though probably from allergies as much as from crying.
And he said reassuring things this morning and I know we are ok.

We're ok and I'm glad I finally listened to the songs, which are meaningful to him. And I listened now because I know that we are ok.


And there is something so strong between us...
no matter how different we are -
no matter how unsuited for any relationship other than what we have -
that the bond cannot break.

No matter what pot holes we hit on the road we are traveling, nothing can stop us. We always find a way to repair the car. We can't bear to leave it sitting there.

We never
run out of gas.

If there is any danger at all,
it's that we'll overheat.

Because damn.
We sure are hot.


Malcolm said...

I like coming to your blog because no matter whether I find your post interesting, or not (it varies), I love the pics, especially the first one, that has always been a favourite of mine. She looks so fuckable!

mamacrow said...

yayayayay! so lovely. Lovely because it's written so beautifully, and lovely because i'm sooooo glad to hear this!

Sharazade said...

I love that sure-ness.