Sunday, April 3, 2011

Masturbation mania (1) - testing the Siena Symphony

As weird as it may appear in photos, the Siena Symphony is simply beautiful.

But let me back up.

As noted in this post weeks and weeks ago, I was one of a number of sex bloggers recently approached by EdenFantasys, an online seller of so-called Adult Toys. I liked their website, which I had already encountered (again, see the previous post for more details) and decided to accept their offer of free toys in exchange for reviews and links.

I chose the Siena Symphony, one of their G-spot Vibrators, because it was just plain weird. Not clumsy weird. Not awkward. Just... different. Not trying to look like something it wasn't.

In the end, I decided that it is beautiful.
In its own simple way, it is beautiful.
And once you realize that it is a product of Danish design, it all makes sense.
Elegant, modern, well-thought out...

My only regret was that family demands made it impossible for me to properly test it until now. So not only am I late in fulfilling my responsibility to EdenFantasys, but I was missing a great opportunity to get around the strict control that the sadist maintains over my orgasms. (I did, of course, obtain permission from him to participate in this program. He rightfully assumed that it would contribute to his pleasure as well as to mine. And we all know whose pleasure is the only one that counts in this relationship. Theoretically, anyway.)

In the end, I conducted 3 tests of the beautiful creature, under different conditions. The middle test was held last Tuesday, and was a demonstration for the sadist of the Symphony's effects on his pet. His comments, along with other more subjective reports, will be in tomorrow's post. Today's report will be a scientific examination, based on experiments conducted in my lab (pictured above).

The first thing I noticed was the lack of excess packing material. The shipping box wasn't outrageously bigger than the manufacturer's box, and the latter is a good place to keep the Symphony when not in use. I had hoped to get a picture of the cats exploring the latest member of the family; their meager interest is testimony to the lack of plastic in the package. Thanks to both the manufacturer and EdensFantasys on that!

In addition to storage, the box provides a handy representation of the 10 vibration patterns, which was very useful as I conducted my lab tests. With this and any multi-patterned toy, it's a good idea to take some time for systematic exploration. The first time I tried the Symphony, my trip through the patterns was more haphazard and I didn't get as much benefit from them.

I love the feel of the vibrator in my hand. It has a nice heft to it, feeling solid and well-made. And the silicone is almost velvety in texture. It cleans up easily, and I appreciated knowing that I wouldn't have to use it with a condom. Good thing that, considering its creative design.

The Symphony comes in 2 colors: a sweet pink and a soft lavender. I'm generally inclined towards purple, and the philosopher always liked me in pink so I still feel rather sensitive about that color. Lavender it was, then, and I was delighted with my choice.

I must admit to having been a little worried about the width of it. I'm not into having fat things in my cunt, be they real live penises or silicone substitutes. And this looked fat. I was happily surprised at how comfortable it felt inside me, especially given its unusual shape. Today's lab tests showed that the combination of shape and width makes the Symphony ideal for doing Kegel exercises, which the sadist urges me to practice. Unlike with other insertion toys, I found that it stayed wedged inside me while I squeezed my muscles around it without my having to hold it in place with my hand - which meant I could sit up in bed pulsing away with my pussy while e-mailing the sadist about what I was doing and feeling.

Time now to turn the creature on.

A slight negative here. I found it to be a bit loud, although EdenFantasys rates it only 2 bees out of a possible 5. I meant to turn it on and go into the other room to see how far the buzz carries, but forgot to. Still, I'm sure it's a lot quieter than other vibrators.

The other thing to note is that it is not the strongest vibrator out there. If you want to really blast your way to an orgasm, this is not your baby, and there were times that I wished it had a bit more oomph. The handy rating chart on the website gives the Symphony 4 vrooms out of 5. It's clearly a very solid, powerful motor, though, and the vibrations spread throughout the device (as the sadist insists on calling it).

And for me there are advantages to its not being overly strong. My sometime complaint about vibrators is that they can sort of numb my clit, which I don't find to be a pleasant sensation. But today, as I explored the various settings, I allowed them to work their magic on me. And magic it was. I yielded to the patterns the way I yield to the sadist. I didn't strain, I didn't push, I didn't reach for the orgasm. I just allowed myself to feel, and ended up with both a delicious symphony (yes, really) of sensuality and a slow rise to a deliciously satisfying orgasm.

oatmeal girl was reduced to mush.

And this despite the rather disruptive need to make notes along the way, not to mention e-mailing the sadist.

Uh-oh... just thinking about this afternoon's playtime is unleashing ripples of pleasure. All on its own, my womb is demonstrating its own pattern of pulsation, and my pussy is swelling and dripping. A bonus!

One more comment and I'll wrap up today's post. Come back tomorrow for a more subjective analysis, including the sadist's comments on my performance last Tuesday and excerpts from my messages to him during my time in the lab today.

The Symphony is promoted as a G-spot and clitoral vibrator. I'm not that experienced with G-spot work. In fact, it was the philosopher who taught me, via e-mail, how to find it and stimulate it! I did experiment with assorted internal positions today, and sometimes did sense something very special and different going on. But I never felt that I was taking full advantage of that aspect of the device. I'm looking forward to conducting further experiments. On the other hand, the unusual shape gave me many ways to induce pleasure via external stimulation, including laying the concave curve along my slit, with the tip heading in the direction of my little butt hole. Very nice...

I was quite happy with how the Symphony felt inside me. Quite happy indeed. For just plain fucking myself, I'd still like something similar to my now defunct FunFactory friend. But for a positively delicious (and not so often granted) session of sensual pleasure, and to provide me (meaning to provide the sadist, whether in attendance or not) with a most satisfying orgasm, I'll be happily returning to the Symphony.

Thank you, EdenFantasys!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Part 2, which will be less scientific and, I hope, more arousing.

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