Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secreterial services

Sometimes, you have to make a special effort to provide the kind of service that a hard-working businessman requires. Sometimes, you have to perform tasks for which most secretarial schools do not provide training.

Luckily, I received my training at an academy with exceptional course offerings.

Today, I served as my Master's table.
Or perhaps, to be more accurate, his desk.

He arrived early.
Shortly after 10 am.
He arrived early, with work he could do from here.
His satellite office.
He checked his e-mail and worked on Excel
while I fondled his cock.
He made phone calls and sounded professional
while I sucked his cock.

He did surprisingly well. I tried very hard to distract him, but somehow - I don't know how - he stayed on topic and managed not to groan while I sucked his cock and he talked on the phone.

Then he ordered me into position on the floor before him, as he sat enthroned in the Eames chair. With my delectable, already pink butt facing towards him and as close as possible, I went down on the carpet on forearms and knees. As instructed, I wiggled back closer still, with my legs under the chair and my irresistible butt angled up higher. I remembered the feel of the champagne running through the channel on my back, and his soft lips as he slurped the tiny tingling bubbles off my skin.

But that was last Saturday.
Today I served a more prosaic purpose.
Today I was no more than a table,
holding his notebook computer as he read and typed.

I was a table.

I thought of the old joke:
"Make me a malted."
"Poof! You're a malted."

I thought of the old folksong.
Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor.
But I wasn't a pallet.
I was a desk.
I was a table.

The rounded perfection of my butt cheeks, normally such an asset, were in this case a bit problematic. My Master made note, but didn't really complain. He did his work.

Then I sucked his cock.
And served his pleasure in other ways.
After which I served him lunch.
And then,
after a good three hours of my ministrations,
he allowed me to make him cum.

Which he did.
Most enthusiastically .


Anonymous said...

Attention to detail is /everything/ in these circumstances! What fun! - jcn

SBF said...

I loved this post, so erotic!