Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sex toy photo shoot

I really thought I'd be posting a sex toy review today.
I really did.

I got the thing last month and finished my testing early this month and then there was this and that and I wasn't getting it written and circumstances weren't right for trying it out on the sadist which I really wanted to do and I finally started writing it late last night and was going to finish at least the first of the 2 posts today and then my sister called and an hour and a half later my ear is hot and sore and I've got no more written.

And Saturday I head out to the undisclosable location in which I will spend the night with my Master back in the room with white linens.

Well, maybe not the same room with white linens. but close enough.

So I still have much to do to prepare.
Laundry to do.
Though I probably don't really need to.
No underwear allowed once I check into the room.
But things to pack.
A poem to memorize.
The tank to fill with gas,
The cats to snuggle.
All that sort of thing.

Not to mention getting into and maintaining the right state of mind. That is very, very important. We even discussed the music I should listen to during the various stages of the trip.

I need to remain calm.
No heavy emotions.
Yeah, well, we know how that goes.
Even if there's no big thing,
we're both so intense,
our relationship is so intense,
it will all be underneath everything anyway.
But no big show of emotions.

I can do that.

I can!

Well, sometimes...

I will.
I'll show him how good I can be.
His poet.
His pet.
His courtesan.
His Geisha.
His slave.

His favorite.

And meanwhile, you get this sampling from the little photo shoot I did with my new friend. She was ever so cooperative...


Histoy said...

Have a wickedly delightful adventure, as i am certain you will!

nancy said...

I'm amazed you had time to post anything at all.. much less try to post a sex toy review.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy every second!

thedirtyblonde said...

Cute cat.

Have a great time.