Monday, June 20, 2011

What to do for your Daddy on Father's Day

How could I ignore it?
How could I ignore that it was Father's Day?

Yes, I admit, it felt a little weird.
But he's Daddy.
He's my Lord.
My Master.
My Owner.
My Life.

But also he's Daddy.
And it's such a relief to be calling him that again.
So much is contained in that word.
It's a vessel into which we can pour so much.
I admit that some of it is very transgressive.
But there is also a sweetness...
A love...
And from him -
affections it isn't safe to express in any other way,
although I still feel them.
In his touch.
They leak from his touch...

It was Father's Day last Sunday here in the US.
And on Saturday I spent hours compiling a playlist.
A playlist for my Daddy.
It ended with My Heart Belongs to Daddy.
So you get the idea.

And the poor man has been so busy that he hasn't even had a chance to listen. Because he won't until he can give it proper attention. And I know he has been thinking of me.

We are making plans.

Plans to return to the room with white linens.

Very soon.

I'm a very happy pet.

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