Wednesday, May 21, 2008


when is a sex slave not a sex slave?

the kitchen floor is dirty.
bad kitten.
strip kitten.
down on hands and knees, kitten.

ass in air
nipples pert
fear-sparked eyes
dripping cunt

happy kitten.

scrub, kitten!
watch out for the cane, kitten...
dare to miss a spot, my slave
and you will know my wrath.

it's never really wrath, my pet
you always make me smile, my pet
you scream and cry and cum and purr
i take you in my arms and smile
but still you'd better scrub that floor.

and then i'll fuck you on it.

when is a sex slave not a sex slave?



Paul said...

O G, Very nice that you, I'm so glad that you appreciate your position.
W"arm mhugs,

Mina said...

*giggles* love it!

t-TFP said...