Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Masturbation Melody

In celebration of Masturbation Month
on the seventh of May -
it's Masturbation Day!

with what toy, oh evil master
with what lube in the palm of your hand
could you think, oh best beloved,
to create a simulacrum
of the feel of your cock in my mouth.

it’s not just my skill
and the wet and the warmth.
it’s not just the thrill
of the rape of my throat

you’ve pushed past my tonsils
you’ve ravished my heart
and it’s love, not saliva,
that covers your skin.

but try, my professor
it’s better than nothing
we’ll honor this day
together, apart.

and i’ll moan to the phone
and you’ll spurt to the sky
and we’ll do what we can
and we will muddle through.

for more on this glorious occasion,
see (among other sites)

this and this.


RoseRed775 said...

What a delightful holiday tale!!!

Mina said...

your dedication is an inspiration! *giggles* lovely little poem.

Anonymous said...

Thank God... I needed an excuse to masturbate!

Well, not really. Just being a smartass. :)

oatmeal girl said...

glad you all enjoyed it. i hope you have been celebrating appropriately.