Monday, May 12, 2008

Watch this Space

I'll post it tomorrow!
It's only an edit away!

No, really. Come back tomorrow for a hot little number about objectification and ass fucking and usage by other men (plus 3 women with strap-ons). Your basic black story. The philosopher sometimes seems rather taken aback by the darkness of my imagination. He tries to blame all the BDSM in our life on me, implies that I lured him into it. But HE's the one with the e-mail address that conjures up the Story of O. Not to mention the implications of his screen name (CC is only a tease of an abbreviation). I just dropped the hints here and there that showed him the door was open to his most evil fantasies. And that made me feel safe enough to let go of the railing, take off the training wheels, and wallow in visions that used to horrify me.

So I do have a story for you. It's been in the works for days. All that's lacking is the final few paragraphs, a touch of editing, a final proofread, and a click on Publish Post.


I promise.

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