Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm going to be a grandmother! The little ones are due any day. I don't know how many eggs there are, but Mama Robin lets me all the way the stairs, and doesn't fly off and scream until i actually open the door. Like BDSM, it's all a question of trust...

Unfortunately, the mailman is afraid to put anything in the mailbox, which i just below the light. The robins not only scream at him, but the daddy follows that poor public servant at least 2 houses down. He's rather afraid of having his eyes pecked out. Me, i sometimes go out the back door so as not to disturb mama bird. There are priorities, after all.

Meanwhile, what with all you doms out there who are so good at training, does anyone know how I can train the cats to send me a Mother's Day card? very eyar I feel so horribly neglected.

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