Wednesday, May 28, 2008



He’s coming home tomorrow.

OK, I use that term loosely. Home. I have no right to use that term. Still. When we are together, home is here. Or perhaps more accurately, when we have been together, it has been here. Mostly. Anyway, he hasn’t protested to my using the term. So far.

I’m nervous.
I didn’t even really have to say that, right?
I’m stammering and babbling and nervous.

It’s been 4-1/2 months. And except for when he was having that hard time in February, we’ve been talking to each other twice a day on weekdays. Usually. Mostly. So far.

We haven’t seen each other for almost 4-1/2 months. And then we were at a friend’s house, with only a late afternoon and evening alone. And he was already slipping into winter mode. Although we do have a nice picture or two of me giving head to a cucumber…

I’m feeling nervous.
And shy.
We are so close.
So comfortable.
And yet…

When he came down here for the first time, when we met face to face for the first time, I was feeling shy, even though I had been baring my perverted soul to him for months. And yet, within fifteen minutes or so everything was fine. So this time everything will be fine. Really. O f course it will.I’ll pick him up at the bus station, in my man’s white dress shirt. My slave shirt. I’ll be wearing my slave shirt and nothing else.

Well… not quite. He doesn’t want me getting arrested. So we’re compromising on the shirt and very short shorts. No underwear. Although who knows, he could change the order at the last minute. He likes to keep me off kilter.

There’s a box coming in the mail. It probably won’t arrive until after he does, but if it were to beat him here, I am not to open it. He’s done that before. The first box had the cane. The second box had my beautiful Go Blue vibrator. And this time? I can guess. But you never know…

He has brought me presents, too. The best of presents. The slave shirt, that first visit. Brand new and beautiful, glowing white, still in its package with the cardboard and the pins. He brought beautiful hemp ropes. And a tea set, he bought me the most perfect little tea set, and an assortment of teas, and lectured me on the proper way to brew them. And I bought a pretty little white half-apron, and nipple bells with a chain running between them. We amuse each other.

And in some ways the best gift of all? On that very first trip, two little sachets of catnip. One for each beast, so they wouldn’t be jealous. You see why he is more than just a perverted playmate?

I know it will be fine. I’ll bury my shy face in his chest, he’ll twine his fingers in my growing unruly hair, he’ll take me over his knee and spank me for how messy the house is, we’ll snuggle on the couch, we’ll snuggle in the bed…

I’ll draw the curtain on the rest. Even in BDSM, even for a sex blogger, there must occasionally be some privacy.

We’ll be fine.

But still.

I’m feeling very shy…


Anonymous said...

very best wishes. have a fantastic time!!! :)

Mina said...

So excited for you! I can understand the shyness.

Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl,
you will be fine, it will be wonderful, you'll see.
The most that my Mel ever wore when we were alone was one of my white dress shirts with just the top button done up.
To see her running down the stairs to greet me was a sight for my eyes only and wonderful.
Warm hugs,

Alice said...

I know exactly how you feel. I hate when it is this long inbetween our time together.

I loved this post. How sweet the little things he he does and the memories that you have. My best for you and enjoy making more memories.

oatmeal girl said...

there was something so incredibly sweet about going into the weekend with all these good wishes. and not just the wishes themselves, but the understanding of that other aspect of our relationship.

and paul, i am so glad that i was able to bring back a lovely memory.