Saturday, August 2, 2008


the last e-mail exchange before fantasy became reality.

the "lumpy odalisque" i refer to is the one we feature on this blog. the day before, i had been fretting over his coming to the door and finding this lumpy old redhead standing there. he had refused to allow me to send him a picture, and i was so afraid of seeing a look of disappointment on his face. but when i wept over being lumpy, he sent a new message with but 2 words: "Like this?" and the odalisque painting i then adopted as an alter ego.
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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Less than 24 hours now kitten. . .
- -

i was so focused going downtown, and in my meeting, and then i come home, and you call me kitten, and the convulsions start...

when i was there i stopped to talk with some friends, and told 2 of them how you sent me that picture of the lumpy odalisque. they were blown away. it was the sweetest, kindest, most sensitive thing you could possibly have done. your actions belie your fierce domly persona... ;-)

or maybe it's having this outlet for your evil side that enables you to be so sweet and sensitive.

in any case, i am grateful.

and my cunt is screaming!
- -
Kitten. . .I want you in bed very early tonight. . .and I have to be in bed early. . .I'm getting up soooooooooo early tomorrow, and you know how your master likes to sleep in. . .

So you may as well get undressed now. . .

- -
what!! but master i have so much to do! i'm sitting here on the floor of the dungeon with a huge box of papers, sorting and throwing out, rather than just shoveling them off the dining room table and losing everything for 2 years.

just because YOU have to get up at the crack of dawn doesn't mean *I* have to. tho i AM planning on getting up at 7 so i can get stuff done...

tho i don't suppose there's any reason why i can't be naked while i sort papers...

so ok, i'll send this message and take my clothes off.

grumble grumble... you're just trying to show how strict you can be because i called you sweet and sensitive, aren't you... you're afraid i'll spoil your reputation as a mean and nasty master.

- -
Yes kitten. . . do your chores naked. . . and imagine me standing over you with the cane. . . looking for the slightest imperfection to chastise. . .
- -
- -
No whimpering, kitten. . .

- -
yes, sir!


when are you getting up tomorrow?

and what did you tell your brother?
(and what did he say...?)
- -
I left a message for him. . . he'll get back to me.

I am getting up very early. . .probably before six. . .the bus leaves at 10:00, but I have to claim my ticket and check my bag an hour before. . .I want to be at penn station by 8:00, to give myself plenty of time to get to the Port authority, which means i have to catch a 7:00 train. . .which means I want to be up at 6:00 at the latest. . .

Do you see why i don't travel?

- -

this is nothing. try flying. but then, if you're going someplace really interesting...

so you left a message for our brother? will he call you [as a silent alarm] while you're here? or while you're on the bus? ;-) this is going to be fun...

;-) ;-)

meanwhile, i talked to my folks tonight and told them not to expect to hear from me before Monday...

i hope you can sleep tonight...
- -
I probably won't sleep a wink. . .

(Didn't I say I would make you call you mother while you are tied to the bed, with me licking your clit? That's still on, right. . .?)
- -
i'll sleep just fine. ha!

nope. no call to my mom. no way. nuh-uh.

however, YOU are going to call the housewarming on Saturday, and talk to everyone in your family, while i have your cock in my mouth, trying not to laugh. yup! yum-yum...
- -
I wonder If I could keep my voice steady?

Probably not. . ."I just called to say. . .HELLO!. . .I mean. hello, how's everything going. . .?

(You are SUCH a disobedient kitten!)
- -
;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

i am an amusing kitten, and you like me like that.


(it's COLD down here without an clothes on!!!)
- -
You may put on a robe, kitten. . .I don't want you getting frostbite!

Although I assume the cold has you nipples quite hard. . .
- -
oh yes, like red pebbles, my nipples. you'd love them...

oh... i just remembered... you're going to see them tomorrow...

scary... is it scary?

or wonderful?

or both?

oh man...
- -
Both. . . mostly scary. . . but mostly wonderful too. . .
- -
ah, brilliant math, that...

but yes. mostly scary... and mostly wonderful...


it'll be ok.

yes. it'll be ok. you and me. we'll be ok.
- -
Second thoughts, kitten. . . ?
- -

because my first thought is always you.
every morning.
and every night.

and now you'll be in my bed.
every morning.
and every night.
for three days.

- -
Good kitten. . . me neither. . . this will be the most exciting thing I have ever done. . .

Wild horses couldn't drag me away. . .

How's the sorting going?
- -
the most exciting thing you've ever done? oh wow, i sure better be good...


you know you're just opening Pandora's Box. you're opning the door to all sorts of adventures now... dates and figs and egg creams and who knows what else?

sorting's going slowly... i keep getting interrupted by this wild Irish rover...

i can't wait to see you.


you're the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. no matter what happens tomorrow, you are still the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

and tomorrow will be fine.
- -
(such a naughty kitten. . . allowing her self to be distracted. . . !)

Tomorrow will be fine. . . and kinky. . . and fun. . . and sweet. . .
- -
not naughty.. just easily distracted..

and meanwhile, Ketzel is all over me. rubbing up against the computer, pawing at me, snuffling in my head... man, she must know there will be someone else here this weekend claiming all my attention.

i hope you're prepared to make it up to her.. ;-)

it's 10 o'clock, sweetheart. isn't it bed time for the world traveler?

you've got a long, hard day tomorrow.

VERY hard. for a very long time...
- -
(Kitten's sending Master to bed? Unheard of. . . !)

Yes, my naked, sorting kitten. . .I am going to try to sleep now. No phone call tomorrow. . . the next time you hear my voice. . .

It will be for real. . .

Until tomorrow. . .
- -
it's always been for real, John.

it's always been for real.

we just didn't know it until the third day...

try to sleep.

i'll try to focus.

there will still be a big mess, and i'll blame it all on you ;-)

and it won't matter. as long as you're here.

have a good trip, my brave Captain. have a good trip.

good night, master.
- -
Good night, kitten. . .

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Paul said...

Oatmeal Girl, beauty comes from within and is in the eyes of the beholder.
I'm sure that he found you most beautiful.
Warm hugs,