Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long distance can sometimes seem not so far

we were together last night.
the philosopher and i were together
or as close together as we could be
with 250 miles between us.
he wasn’t here for the party
of a dozen people and
homemade soup
and somersault salutes
and champagne celebration.
but he was here.
he phoned.
and phoned again.
and again.
every half hour or so
he phoned and we talked
and exulted and rejoiced
and we shared the victory
and we shared the speeches
and we shared the inspiration
and we shared the history
and tears of joy
and we were together
and i feel him here still.


mamacrow said...

oh my goodness!

I'm being childish perhaps, but I'm bouncing up and down on my computer chair with excitment!

he phoned every half hour?! oh wow!

moonheart said...

This is so beautiful!

oatmeal girl said...

It was a beautiful and wonderful and historic evening in so many ways, and one to be shared with the people we love. However far away.