Saturday, November 1, 2008


The fiend kindly gave me permission to "redistribute [my] servitude" in service to the greater good (thank you again, Sir!), allowing me to head down to Virginia with my best friend and steady canvassing partner M, along with a host of other volunteers from Maryland in general and Montgomery County in particular. A glorious day. Each time we go out, we never feel like we've accomplished all that much, but in fact we are winning this election one vote at a time.

And we WILL win this election.

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Elspeth said...

Today the children and I happened to walk past the local Obama volunteer headquarters. It's on one of our main routes in terms of walking places. Joshua (6) has been trying to wrap his head around this entire concept of 'president' and 'election' and why we (adults) do this, and who do we (the adults in his family) want etc etc.

Today (for the first time) he was the one to explain it to us: "We want Obama to be president because we like his rules, mostly, better than McCain's." He paused, and looked up at me, "right, Mama?"

That's right, baby.