Monday, April 6, 2009


i thought
i'd found it.
i thought
we had it.
wishful thinking.

i wanted it so badly,
i built it from my need.

i had a rough day.
i was sweet and kind
and there
for a man who called.
a man in pain.
much worse pain than i'm in.
and i cried when we hung up
and sorted out my grief
and wished i had a lover
as in someone who loved me
whose job it was
to care for me
and i'd be there
to care for him.

not a chance.

it could be worse.
i am treasured
and i am owned
and i
am being trained
to serve
his needs.
and in his cage
i'll find some peace.

at least i'll know where and who i am.


Aurore said...

I understand all of this far too well.

Vesta said...

Dear OG:

I just put up a new post entitled 'care'. I have been thinking along very similar lines to this.

I think we have to get back to basics in this space. Whether we are submissive or vanilla makes little difference. It is about two people coming together to care for one another and give it all they have to give.

Start with the care, give it and expect it, and with some luck, the rest with all fit into place.

Sending some of my care your way,