Friday, April 24, 2009

Song of Spring

The earth is singing spring
and I am dripping sex.
I stand here wild and naked,
a goddess of desire,
dancing my yearning,
parading my lust.
My arms reach like branches,
my breasts are alert and
towards your eyes.
Sinuous, I drink in the
sweetness of April, and flirt
with the life-giving, death-wielding sun.
Come close and touch me.
Come near and press yourselves
close to my heat and my heart.
Probe me with fingers, with
tongues and with cocks.
I'm trembling with sex,
my sap is exploding,
it's spring and it's April
and I am of earth.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Spring is here. We love your writing. Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...

OG, yes indeed, spring is here and it is beautiful, as are you and your words.
Love and warm hugs,

cutesy pah said...

Isn't Spring just about the best season? It's time for warmth, and sunshine, the exposure of skin (great for this bi-girl seeing all the bare legs, arms and shoulders *wink*), and time for putting away all that was heavy and dark from the past year.

And, like you, this is a time of sexual passion, and sexual excitement for me.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. You deserve to be happy.

cutesy pah

oatmeal girl said...

hhtheh - it's such a treat to hear from you! I've sen your website pop up in my states occasionally when you (or other people) came here from there. In fact, the philosopher sometimes would come here from you when he forgot the address. Such a silly boy...

Paul - you are ever so sweet, and your comments always make me feel good. I hope you had a good Passover back a few weeks ago.

cutesy pah, object of my lust - I do really love Spring. but I've been rather manic, and my level of sexual excitation continues to be rather painful. Then again, despite the sadist's accurate diagnosis of me as not being a masochist, I do have a touch of the pain slut in me...

But yeah, I suppose I do deserve to be happy. Sure. Why not :-)

We all do once in a while.