Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The gift


He is
my Master.

Say it.
Let it flow
on the wave of your breath.
Bathe in its beauty.
Feel how it swims
in the sea of
your heart.


there on the wind...



Paul said...

OG, a gift indeed, and how you embellish it with your beautiful words.
Love and warm hugs,

baby girl said...

funny. i never could wrap my tongue around that one. the title of master just never felt right to me. i usually stick to "sir", which i'm quite fond of.

my hubby has been prompting me to call him daddy. a few years ago, i would have balked at the idea for all the obvious reasons, but now i'm warming up to it. feels kind of sexy. perhaps it's because i've embraced more fully my role as little girl.

in any case, i'm thrilled for you, o.g. xox

Anonymous said...

Funny how ...
-Master- is ALL i seem to want to say, these days.

oatmeal girl said...

Paul, as the days have gone by since this post, it has become ever clearer what a joyous gift it was. If eel changed by it.

baby girl - I have found myself addressing him as "my Master", rather than just "Master." The way I have been allowed to address him as "my Lord." I feel a certain affectionate quality in calling him "my Master." And... it feels as if I am fondling the title each time I say it.

Also, it is always with that capital M. When he first took me into his service, he said he doesn't mess with all the fancy protocol imposed by the self- designated rule makers of the BDM "community." But he did expect me to write "Sir" - with a capital "S."

Anonymous - it does feel lovely, doesn't it?