Sunday, May 24, 2009

she crawls

she crawls.
on hands and knees,
eyes towards the ground,
inching across the
carpeted dungeon floor.

she crawls.
on hands and knees,
head up,
eyes up,
back arched
shoulders back,
tits on offer,
proud to be debased.

she crawls.
naked as always
she crawls.
on knees and forearms,
head raised,
back arched,
bottom up,
knees spread,
walk behind and
take a look.
everything is on display.
her bottom’s canvas,
pale and white,
imagine it covered with
welts and with bruises.
go on. we know you
want to. kick her knees
further apart. there.
a perfect pussy view.
fondle it if you wish.
and of course there’s that
your lust.
you do want her.
it’s in your eyes.
touch her.
kiss her.
spank her.
find out what you’re missing.
take a taste.
I can share.
take a taste.
but know she’s Mine.


Paul said...

OG, just lovely dear girl, thank you.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

I liked this - the subject matter (crawling and being shared) is not part of my general bag, but the way you wrote it - won me over totally.
Fab xx

Nancy said...

oh my ..wonderful!
Love this one..
Crawling is such a primitive thing. I always feel such delight when I have the chance to crawl.

I do feel on display but cherished for that moment.
Thank you for making me think about it again.

Anonymous said...


Zinscunt said...

So HOT(HAWT!). The picture you paint, is truly beautiful.
No matter whether He chooses to display and share His cunt, i have learned to never rule anything out and to Always be ready...keeps me hungry.

oatmeal girl said...

I guess it's been a long time sinse I returned comments on posts!

Paul, thanks you. It just... these things I write, they come flowing out from inside. No filter. You see me naked.

mamacrow - he loves when I crawl for him. Having to do it on my forearms rather than on my hands made it an amazing experience. Lowering myself before him makes me feel strong and tall as well as small and submissive. It's odd. But mostly I think it's a physical manifestation of my submission. Not to mention that it arouses him...

But your observation is a good one. it is great when an artist of any kind enables us to see something through different eyes and appreciate it in a different way. The we have done our job.

Anon (FL?) - yeah, that's a pretty appropriate response.

Zinscunt - welcome welcome! And yes, I can no longer rule anything out. In fact, that's the case with my whole exploration of submission in these 2+ years. I can't rule anything out. My limits change... I don't really set limits myself, though there is one thing he stopped doing because the risk of physical damage frightened me. He sets the limits himself, he pulls them back to prevent my going into an odd space. But I find myself hinting that I want to go forward again. And I will do whatever he asks of me. On the other hand "it keeps me hungry" has no relevance to me, as nothing is done based on my desires. Only his. Which seems to suit me very well.

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you'll be back.