Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am a Writer

My Master expects a lot of me. He takes me seriously as a writer and expects me to do the same for myself. He pursued me for my writing, he trapped me for my writing, he trains me and keeps me and puts up with a whole lot of shit because of -

well, ok, not just because of my writing,
there is all that other stuff,
the insistent nipples,
the pale round belly,
the bottom begging to be bruised,
the hot tight pussy,
the still virgin ass hole,
you know,
you've heard about them all before.

But truly, this writer thing...

I hold my head higher now.

He expects a lot.
He is peeved if he thinks I'm goofing off.
He wants focus.
He wants quality.
And he wants me to respect my talent.

There is a friend who pushes me as well, and between the two of them, I feel as if there has been a shift in my brain.

Even though I have a "regular" job that forces me to get up in the morning and barely manages to pay the bills, I am suddenly feeling as if this is my profession. For its own protection, I moved my laptop back onto the desk in my study. The room is horribly cluttered, but still, it is my study, it is my office, and now it is the place where I write.

I sit down at my laptop, knowing I'm going to write rather than read other people's blogs or fume over the California Supreme Court decision on Proposition 8 or flirt with my Master on Yahoo Messenger (a brand new delight now that my laptop has been upgraded). I sit down at my laptop, at my desk, and it's as if I've put on my writing suit, and a little name tag that says

oatmeal girl

and I sit up even straighter and pull back my shoulders to show off my tits, and I write.

And then I feel SO GOOD!!

Not to mention pleasing my Master, which is the most important thing of all.

My Master expects a lot of me.
And when I know he's pleased,
my world is filled with sunshine.

My Master is my sun.
My Master fills my life.


Z. Vyne said...

~just smiles~

oatmeal girl said...

just smiles back.
with thanks.

Paul said...

OG, you know something, I would never had guessed. :)
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Do you ever want to 'goof off' and get irritated you can't? It's an issue I face... I can be an immature sod, but love it sometimes. It allows me release of all the sometimes frustrating adult holding back and maturity. Is this an issue for you? Not meaning to rain on your parade. I'm extremely happy you're writing seriously and thinking of it as a vocation, because certainly you have the talent!

xx milla

Anonymous said...

I think I just missed the point of that post. But anyway, I let my comment stand. :\


Nancy said...

Lucky you!
(rather green with envy i am)
Enjoy yourself~

mamacrow said...

go OG go! hey, did you know your initials are go, but backwards? A good omen I'm sure!

oatmeal girl said...

Silly Paul... :-)

milla - actually, it's a fair question. because sometimes I do just want to goof off. But I've goofed away most of my life, I'm a convicted under-achiever, so it feels wonderful to have someone forcing me to apply myself and live up to the potential he knows is there.

Nancy - I AM lucky. And have no idea how I ended up in this amazing situation! Obviously, it's not perfect, but still, it's pretty amazing. Best of luck on your own end. Something should sort itself out eventually.

Damn, mamacrow, you and Paul... today's the day for you Brits to make me love.

Thanks to all of you!

It's like the pleasure of having his chain around my neck...