Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We have our weapons

I live beneath a halo of red,
a lure for unprotected eyes.
Every dom has a silver bullet –
a pair of nipples,
a pale, round belly,
a canvas of buttocks,
a wet, clinging cunt.
For some,
it’s the hair.
A flaming arrow
shot at a soft spot,
the tip dipped in poison
for which there is no cure.
Look away.
There's danger ahead.
You think you're immune
but there is no vaccine.

They say that the head of
the Gorgon Medusa
was covered with snakes and
would turn men to stone.
But we know the truth of
the danger men faced.
Medusa's great weapon was
worse than mere vipers.
Her hair was a rich flowing
veil of red curls
and a glance turned the heart
of a dom to soft mush.


mamacrow said...

oh I LOVE the last 6 lines! what a fab idea! works really well at the end there

Anonymous said...

Hi, OG. Murre is always laughing at me for forgetting hair colors, but red I remember. You bunch of mutants...

Z. Vyne said...

I love redheads...there is really nothing more to say.

Nancy said...

I always longed to be a red head.
My auburn hair.. eh.. just never got that glow~~
Wonderful post.. thanks

oatmeal girl said...

mamacrow - isn't it cool! It suddenly came to me, and I admit to being very proud of it.

Orlando - we are unforgettable. And I am choosing to ignore the rest of you comment.

Zander - Yes. I know.

Nancy - glad you liked it. I wonder if it's different for natural redheads than for the artificially enhanced kind. It's not comfortable as a kid to be different. It still amuses me that some people (you know who you are, Z.V.) are so utterly besotted with redheads. It gives me a sense of power that for me, as a submissive, is not always welcome.

Anonymous said...

Mutants are bad?

Z. Vyne said...

Ah, but you do not understand miss girl. I adore redheads not for the titian tint of their tresses, but rather for their natures. Like red tabby-cats, redheads are proud, finicky and have sharp claws. Turning one into a submissive, purring kitten is, therefore, all the more satisfying.

oatmeal girl said...

Well, you know, Orlando... mutants... it just sounds like a science fiction movie... not very Pre-Raphaelite at all.

Ah, Zander... then you'll just have to teach me... i've been a kitten before, you know. But it's a challenge to get one to walk on a leash.

Z. Vyne said...

Before one can walk, one must crawl.

oatmeal girl said...

I can crawl.
The lower, the better.

My Master has taught me to crave debasement.

TFP said...


I liked this....

Thank you,

Liras said...

You have said more than you know!