Sunday, May 17, 2009



I did it again. Or, rather, I didn't do it. I managed to get through yet another Sunday without fruitlessly, annoyingly e-mailing the philosopher.

The last time I broke down and reached out was... let me look... well, April 23 was the last kitten-gets-emotional message. And then on April 28th I sent a tiny note about Arlen Specter joining the Democrats. A very cautious, very short, largely matter-of-fact message.

No response.

Who knows? Maybe he's deleting them without reading. Or classified them as spam so he doesn't even have to see them. In any case, I've managed to avoid e-mailing while emotional since then.

Somehow, I will learn to let go.

The end of this month, it will have been a year since I last saw him. It's already 2 months since I last heard from him.

It's time I had someone of my own.
I hit craigslist again.
We'll see...


Anonymous said...

Yes you do deserve someone of your own to love you.

Yes this is FL (she) Kitten you of all people know better than to judge a book from just the first two pages. *laughing softly* It may surprise you the things I'm into.

Anonymous said...

Oh and kitten I'm very proud of you. Yes I know we don't know each other but I'm still very proud of you just the same.

Paul said...

OG, very well done, I know just how difficult that can be.
Love and warm hugs,

cutesy pah said...

Very, very good! *claps with glee* How wonderful that you finally see your progress.

Oh, yes, also, Happy Hunting!! *smiles*

cutesy pah

mamacrow said...

good for you! and ((hugs)) babe, dosn't sound at all easy.
fingers crossed re craiglist.