Friday, May 15, 2009

Pure fiction - really!

She considered his proposition with some bemusement.

"Evict the housemate.
Blow off the job.
Keep the cats if you must, but do something about the damn cat hair.
In fact, do something about the entire toxic waste dump you dare to call your home."

And in exchange?
In exchange for privacy and time to write and walk and garden and breathe?

She’d be his.

It was that simple.
His mistress.
His kept woman.
His courtesan.
His odalisque.

She liked the last two best. She thought of herself in Paris, dressed in 18th century finery, running a salon for others of intellectual and artistic bent. Or not dressed, lounging on a couch among rich linens and silks, displaying herself to his appraising, hungry eyes - or recovering from the ravages of his hands and teeth and tongue and cock, glowing red and striped with welts from the assaults of his uncontrollable lusts. She saw herself in a painting by Boucher, though hardly neatly coiffed and posed. She was sprawled on a bed, russet tresses in disarray, with a profusion of strands detached from her scalp when he hauled her by her hair in his fury at wanting her that much.

Except this wasn’t 18th century Paris. And despite her red hair, there was no way she could be mistaken for some 15-year old Irish girl, delicious in the seeming innocence of her naked beauty.

A middle-aged odalisque.
She did love the idea.

Perhaps he would take her to Paris…


Z. Vyne said...

I love Paris.

I love redheads.

I love your care with words (My favorite here? Odalisque.)

I love this mini-story.

oatmeal girl said...

I love the word odalisque. I love odalisque paintings. I look at them and feel myself posed the same way.

I especially love the ones that offer their bottoms. I look at an ass like this one, and want to both touch and be touched.

I am bi, after all...

Anonymous said...


You only live once as they say !
Don't frown when you look back and say what if ?

Smile when you look back and say I did!!

Nancy said...

How did you know I'm facing such moment?
Blow it all off and LIVE.
Is it really that simple?
I tried once and it was not that easy.
Perhaps a second try is in order.
Regardless, your words make me long to try again.. and again.

Anonymous said...

loved this beautiful vignette. i could picture every scene. and i love everything that features redheads... we so often get forgotten. :)

Ellie said...

OG, love, you have given me a smile tonight and I didn't think such a thing was possible. Thank you.

Many {{hugs}} and a {kiss}

one redhead to another ...

~ Ellie

cutesy pah said...

just lovely. I imagine a wonderful all-girl pajama party could take place among the pillows, linen and silken finery.

I could come to visit your salon, wherever it may be. An odelisque and a cutesypah roaming the streets together. A natural redhead and a chemically-enhanced redhead walking arm-in-arm.

Imagine the trouble we could cause! And, like you, I love that photo. What a beautiful tush!

Anonymous said...

OG, I am trying to post here once again. We'll see how it goes. I have two questions.

(1) I love Boucher, too, and Nude on a sofa perplexes me. Is she bored and waiting, or has she just been taken, or is she about to be taken (as our gaze implies)? I lean for the third, but that makes her pose sooooo un-demure, and at such odds with her face.

(2) If you can't be in the salons of the Philosophes, what other times and places would you go for?

mamacrow said...

oo, new word for me - odalisque! I love it, what a fantastique looking and sounding (i'm imagining it's pronounced phonetically) word!

oooo, this all sounded lovely... I like to think of myself as a kept woman - hubby works, i'm not working any more, not even part time - and OH I LOVE IT!

sadly not in paris tho, but you can't have everything..

'I lean for the third, but that makes her pose sooooo un-demure, and at such odds with her face.' yes, but for me that's the point - that's what makes it goooooood! she really does have a gorgeus arse and lovely thighs. You just want to wrap your hands round them and clench the softness. I've always like your permenant pic too.

oatmeal girl said...

Anonymous - ah yes, carpe diem. My motto for the decade. Get it while I can. Live and live wild, because who knows what will hit me tomorrow. (That was not meant to refer to the flogger.)

Nancy - nothing is that simple. There are many complications to your situation, and I wouldn't dare to advise. But we can also become paralyzed by trying to second-guess the future. Where I am now, as long as I try to practice safe finances and safe sex, it doesn't really matter too much what I indulge in. There really isn't anyone else to consider. If I were attached, it would be a different matter.

meg - redheads forgotten? Are you kidding? I truly get the feeling that there are a horde of people out there who are obsessed with redheads. Women and men both. It's lovely to be admired, isn't it? :-)

Ellie - oh sweetheart, did I really make you smile? I'm SO glad! Now I'm really happy to have written what was basically a bit of self-indulgence, composed in different ways with two different people in mind. I would stand on my head to make you smile again, except that I can't. Tough I suppose it would be pretty silly watching me try...

cutesy pah - she really does have a delicious little tush, doesn't she. I desperately want to stroke it. Not appropriate - she was only 15, after all... As for the pyjama party (all-girl plus Orlando, right?), what fun to have all those pillows and drapes, and we could take pictures of each other in very revealing and compromising odalisque-esque positions.

Orlando - oh good, you got the comments to work for you. And yes, Boucher is yummy, he is, of course, the one that did my little logo painting. As for your questions:

1) I guess it's whether she is posing to look like any of these, because remember - she had to stay that way for a while, and it wasn't Boucher who was fucking her. Wasn't she the king's little mistress? I'd vote for bored.

2) Paris again, but in the 1930s.

mamacrow - I'm not sure you count as a kept woman, except technically. Aren't you bringing up those kids? You're working your butt off. Clearly yes, you are getting fucked, but that's not your prime function. Though who knows, maybe it is... :-)

I'm rather stunned at how much response this little bagatelle received. It was just something I tossed off. But it was great fun.

Anonymous said...

According to the divine wikipedia, she's Marie-Louise O'Murphy de Boisfaily, introduced to the king by Casanova, no less.

And if you do pass through Paris in the 1930s, I'll be at Le Chat Noir. You should drop in and have a glass.

Paul said...

OG, what a beautiful piece and the picture is lovely as well.
I also love the word odalisque, though I see it as better fitting to a more mature woman
Paris is a lovely city, it could only be improved by beautiful redheads.
Love and warm hugs,

mamacrow said...

'Clearly yes, you are getting fucked, but that's not your prime function. Though who knows, maybe it is... '

I'm demurely saying nothing ;-)

OG & Meg- I'm obsessed with redheads! i no longer colour my hair and recognise that it's natural colour and texture do suit me best and are quite pretty, but I always loooonged for long red curly hair...

oatmeal girl said...

Orlando, if you'll definitely be there, I'll definitely stop by. (I forgot about the Casanova part!)

Paul, from where you are, it is sinfully easy to get over to Paris. I'm so jealous!

mamacrow, it is absolutely impossible to classify your amazing little tossed off comments. But the fact of the matter is, for the part that is taken from life, my primary function for the sadist is to provide him with the products of my mind. Yes, really!! Which floods me with pride. Truly, body parts to fuck and cane are pretty readily available. He has convinced me, through his words and that same evil cane, that what I offer him is not. Isn't that nice?

However, not a chance he'll take me to Paris and set me up as a courtesan.

mamacrow said...

OG that is nice - that is lovely (of the fiend) sad he won't be making the paris fantasy a reality... ah well...

mamacrow said...

tossed off comments!!! :::snort:::