Saturday, May 9, 2009

Giving myself to Zander Vyne

True to my sluttish streak, I have given myself to the superbly talented erotic writer Zander Vyne. Well, you know... A person has to be very clever of tongue in order to get anywhere with me.

I confess.
I admit to leading you on.
I didn't give him my body.
I didn't give him my submission.

I gave him a poem.
And the only place you can read it is on his blog.

Unless you are my sadistic demon muse. Because of course I wrote it for him. I wrote it for him on May Day, that pagan holiday of rampant sexuality as well as the workers' holiday that was surely celebrated by the previous couple of generations of my family.

To say that I wrote it mis-characterizes the creative process involved. It burned its way out of me, capping a period of frequent and intense communication that drew me closer and deeper into the fiend's web.

And I saw it was good.

On the one hand, it seemed so deeply personal an offering that I wanted it to be the sadist's own. On the other hand, I was very proud of it and had an urgent desire to show it off. Zander had asked me for something for his website, and when I contemplated publishing this piece, he was the first one I thought of giving it to.

Because the man is damn good.

I have no idea what he'd be like over a cup of coffee.
I have no idea what he'd be like over his knee.
But as a writer...

I do know something about marketing. If you want people to think your product is quality, you don't sell it at the dollar store. Take it to a fancy boutique and people will pay more because they will assume it is worth more.

I am honored (an understatement) to have my poem appear in the same electronic pages as Zander's own stories.

So, with the permission of my demon muse, go read the poem. It is called Auto da fé.

And then stick around and read some of Zander's own stories. I admit to having read very few of them so far. The ones I have stumbled on have been very rich and intense, and I hesitate to dilute them by reading too many at once. There was one which particularly stunned me. It is called La Belle Mort. Take it as a thank-you gift for your support over the last couple of years.

PS - For various reasons, I have never had a blog roll. I'm still not starting a blog roll. But, again for various reasons, I've decided to list a very few special websites that for my own ill-defined reasons mean a lot to me. Please don't feel insulted if you aren't included.
Thanks. -- o.g.


Remittance Girl said...

It's a wonderful, visceral poem. I truly loved it. And if you're going to be giving yourself to anyone, Zander's a pretty good choice.


Paul said...

OG, you never disappoint!!
Wonderful and terrible poem, awesome in it's strength.
Thanks for the heads up to Zander's blog.
Love and warm hugs,

M.Christian said...

Very cool! And it's a WONDERFUL poem -- bravo!

Z. Vyne said...

Thank you for the glowing review, the privilege of publishing your poem, and the newfound friendship. It's lovely partnering with you.

kim said...

And here I always believed Z to be a woman.

oatmeal girl said...

RG - thank you. It's a very special poem for me. As for Zander - yes, the friendship is proving to be very rewarding.

Paul - you never disappoint either. but truly, I'm so glad you loved the poem. Plus I must admit I love the way it looks as presented on Zander's website. It glows.

Chris - thank you so much for your encouragement. Praise from another writer is always a treasured thing.

Zander - what more can I say?

kim - Welcome to the party! Are you sure you are thinking of Zander? Or of Z who writes The Naked Truth? That Z is most definitely a woman. Oh my goodness, yes. While Zander... Zander is Zander. And very special.