Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dominick comes out of the shadows

I've been keeping a secret.
I had promised I'd keep it a secret.
Dominick has a blog.

He revealed it to me a while ago, but virtually no one else knew about it unless they stumbled across it by accident. I felt honored. But then it was right he should have told me about it. Many of the pieces had been written for me.

I could tell, reading through, I could tell which ones I had inspired. The embarrassing part was that some of those he had written a while back and sent to me, in one of those rare, occasional messages he would send me as a surprise gift. I had forgotten he had sent them, but I could tell they had been written for me.

Today, he reminded me of another of his verbal explorations of what has simmered between us since he came across my craigslist ad. He sent me to a page on the website Filthy Gorgeous Things. Again, I recognized the style, rich but deliberate, almost surgical in its descriptions. He is, of course, a sadist. The editors had discovered his blog and asked if they could post some bits from it. He only just found out his piece had gone up.

Do go read it and explore his blog as well. Most of his pieces are short, brief vignettes, erotic observations. They still cause my insides to curdle. They still make me yearn to meet him. I want to see his face as he surveys the canvas that is my body. I want to strain against my bonds. I want to feel the impact of his hand on my reddening ass. He has sent me a picture of his spear-like cock and his well-worn belt. I hunger to submit to the assault of each one.

I want him to hurt me.
I want him to fuck me.
I want him to taste my submission and my pain.

We have never met. He doesn't live in my city and he doesn't want to risk losing what we have become for each other.

But still.
There is this hunger.

Go read him.
There are no provisions for comments that I can see.
Come back and leave them here.
I'll pass them on.
Meanwhile, I'll nurse my fantasies.


mamacrow said...

I LOVE IT! and I'm really not into the sadist thing... spanking, nipple tweaking, yes yes yes, but... there has to be... intimacy and affection and real bond between the people - and I got a real flavour of that...

mind you I've only checked out his blog... I'm a little scared to check out the other stuff you linked to...

mamacrow said...

actually, it was quite nice! Gorgeusly written and I LOVED the last line. If i got to the right pg - it said it was submitted by 'mathew'?

oatmeal girl said...

mamacrow - I love his blog to bits. I was stunned when he told me about it, and so regretful that I couldn't share it. His writing has always had an unnatural effect on me. Maybe that's why he doesn't want us to meet. How could we live up to the desire we have created in absentia?

And yes, he does understand that there is the connection that comes with the sadism. Certainly, that is a large part of what exists between me and my Master. He is a very raw sadist, he needs to inflict pain, but he also wants that special intimacy that exists between us as he hurts me and sees the pain in my eyes along with the love and submission. My pain is my gift to him.

And yes. Matthew. Dominick is only an alias I created as a riff on another alias he has always used with me.

selkie said...

it's a shame he doesn't allow for comments - and curious a little. Did he ever mention why he doesn't want any comments?

they're lovely ... erotic and full of possiblitiy but more would be good. There are some good sadistic blogs around - blood, sex, crimson, black as my soul, finbar's Bound to Me, a few others I love to read.

Granted, my biggest bitch with these men is they don't write ENOUGH.

oatmeal girl said...

selkie, I don't actually know why Dominick/Matthew doesn't allow for comments. But remember, he hasn't publicized it at all. I think I was the only person he deliberately told about it, and even then he had been posting things there for a while, many of which had been inspired by me and, originally, written to me.

Once I knew about the blog (which I had been begging him to write), I would send him e-mails about my favorite bits.

He didn't submit that piece to Filthy Gorgeous Things - they stumbled on his blog and asked for it.

He has always been rather reticent, and our correspondence of over 2 years has often had long gaps of silence. And I have often found that doms can be stingy with their words. It's that aura of cold control...

He says he is feeling uninspired. It may be time for me to send him another very explicit photo.

I'll remind him to check his comments here - and there is an e-mail address for him on the blog.

Thanks ever so much for reading him.

mamacrow said...

yes please do inspire him. I keep checking in and THERE'S NOTHING NEW TO READ!!! ARGH!

oatmeal girl said...

Yes, I know, it was evil of me to get you hooked and then cut off the supply... I need to take a really explicit photos for him... i have some ideas... but not tonight. I'm tired...

And really, I don't want him to feel pressured.