Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unfair advantage

He was here today.
He kissed me today.
He kissed me and kissed me and...

... I won't even try to describe his kisses because if anyone who has ever been kissed by him is reading this, she (or he) would immediately guess his identity from my inadequate attempt to evoke them. Let me just say that he is a potentially very evil man, and he has the sweetest, most gentle kisses I have ever encountered in all these years.

He may have kissed me so much this time purely for his own pleasure. He does that, it's thoroughly possible. And I could be completely wrong about this....

but it felt as if he were trying
to seduce me
to disarm me
to hypnotize me
so i will capitulate
to anything
he wants.

Did he manage it?

I don't know.

but oh my goodness...
when he kissed me
and kissed me
and took me into his lap
and gathered me up in his arms
gathered me to him
and pressed me against him...

i served him.
i served him well.

and yes i suddenly lost my capital letters, because he melted me. his scent surrounded me all day, i felt his body, his touch, his warmth, the gentleness of this sadistic man, i felt them all day...

he does not make love to me.
but it almost felt,
if i hadn't known better i'd have thought,
it almost felt as if he were making love to me.

it was sabotage.
unfair advantage.
another way to weave the chain around my neck.

the chain feels good around my neck.
doesn't it suit me?


cutesy pah said...

As Daddy says, it is the Dominant's job to continually seduce consent from the submissive.

Intoxicating and heady, isn't it?!

I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful experience.

Paul said...

OG, he seduced you all over again.
Feels good doesn't it, if you're a sadist there must be more than the potential for evil.
A chain collar can look very good.
Love and warm hugs,

Orlando C. said...

OG- interests me that so much of your poetry is achieved through meter and layout choices but retains a prose grammar. Do you also write prose erotica?

mamacrow said...

oh my gosh. this post totally melted me. pretty much from the first three lines.
feel all gooey now - both for you and myself! *soppy smile*!

oatmeal girl said...

He's never been quite that overtly seductive. I think it's because he's never tried to get that much from me before.

Paul - the reference was to a metaphorical collar. I don't have a collar and doubt I ever will have one. He does have this long, heavy chain, bought at a hardware store and used on me in various ways. But no collar. As for his potential for evil - I think the seduction was one of his tools for evil. There are many ways to gain control and destroy a girl's better judgment.

Orlando - I have prose pieces that in writing tell me to set some sections in a layout that implies poetry. But only the ones labeled as poems are meant as such. When I sue that layout in prose pieces, it is, I think, a guide to rhythm.I was a theatre major way back when, and hear things very clearly in my head. Delivery is important.

I'm not sure, though, what you mean by a prose grammar.

As for prose erotica, click on the label stories and you'll get them all. Plus I really have to get back to one I'm working on, which will be longer than anything I've done before. The curious thing about it is that I think it will have a mixed format - prose and poems, including in the prose sections that rhythm of repeated lines I sometimes get into. Hints of balladry?

mamacrow - gooey? Ha! When we were done, when I had served him and pleased him (but hadn't been fucked) and he ordered me into the submissive position down on the ground which I must hold until he has left the house, he asked if my pussy was wet, but didn't want me to check. I knew it was, and I did check once he left and oh-my-goodness, it was cunt soup for sure.